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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

White Box - Coming Soon!


White BoxIn an effort to promote experiential opportunities for learning, innovation, and student-business ownership, The Riata Center for Entrepreneurship has launched an initiative that will provide OSU students a public venue through which they will be able to test, grow, and operate their unique startups at the Oklahoma State University Student Union:

The White Box!

Each individual or company that applies will propose their intended use of the space based on one of two tracks consisting of either; Research & Development or Business Operations & Sales. Proposals detailing the businesses’ intended use of the White Box will be reviewed by the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship’s White Box Program manager/coordinator.

white box

About the White Box

The white box is designed on a module and at a scale to make efficient use of materials and space. It is designed to be easily opened, closed, moved, and rotated. The materials are designed for ease of maintenance, cleaning, and repair as necessary.

The current prototype is made of an aluminum frame and set on steel casters in order to be lightweight and durable. The exterior wall is made of backlit acrylic panels in order to give the mobile retail a distinct and variable identity. It also allows the store to illuminate when open.

The store includes a wide variety of open shelves that can be covered with panels when they aren’t needed for storage. These panels and shelves offer a wide variety of configurations, allowing the store to handle a diverse range of products.

The store will provide or accommodate the technology to create a comprehensive shopping experience, including signage, lighting, music, and POS systems. The prototype has enclosed cabinets for such equipment and will provide cables and connections as necessary.

white box structure

white box structure

white box structure

white box structure
white box structure
white box structure
white box structure
white box structure

Eligibility Requirements

The WhiteBox is meant for those students whom are serious about starting or growing their business and have demonstrated measures taken to launch or develop said business.

  • OSU student currently enrolled at time of application (full or part time) and will maintain enrollment status and good standing for the duration of the semester to which they apply for WhiteBox tenancy.
  • Accepted member of the accelerateOSU Incubator (If you are not a current member of accelerateOSU, please apply HERE. All degree programs are encouraged to apply)

Students who meet the above qualifications are eligible to apply for the WhiteBox at any time throughout the academic semester. Further qualifying interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis via the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship in coordination with the Oklahoma State University Student Union.

Application Process & Requirements

If you believe you have met the general eligibility criteria, please apply to the WhiteBox HERE. Be prepared to provide the following information and/or attachments upon final submission of your application.

  • General applicant information (complete all information on each individual(s) representing applicant company)
  • Attached copy of completed accelerateOSU application
  • Signed letter of acceptance into accelerateOSU Incubator (please contact Haley Keith to obtain this letter)
  • Completed Business Model Canvas (additional information may be requested if needed for continuation of application process)
  • Applicants applying for the Research & Development track must submit a proposed activities and development plan at the time of their application submission.
  • Applicants applying for the Business Operations & Sales track must submit a detailed inventory list at the time of their application submission.
  • Applicants must submitted marketing materials to be pre-approved by the Student Union before acceptance into the WhiteBox.

For more information

Please contact the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship at 405-744-7552 or

You can also visit us on campus in Spears School of Business Room 101.