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Global business

The Riata Institute for Global Social Entrepreneurship identifies, analyzes, and encourages student interest and involvement with international social entrepreneurship, particularly SME’s in developing countries.
One the most important things stressed by the Institute are the differences in what social entrepreneurship looks like under different cultures, political systems, and economic systems. 

How does it work?

To understand global entrepreneurship is to understand that it is very much about different contexts it happens under! We are not looking at big corporations but small and medium enterprises from tribal settings to entrepreneurship under different governments.
Yes, social entrepreneurship is about business but also social science, anthropology, agriculture, psychology, sociology, and much more!

Who do we help?

  • Peru and the Indigenous Products-to-Indigenous People here in Oklahoma

  • Ecuador and Exploring Resilience and Survival through Art, Cuisine, and Entrepreneurship

  • Ecuador and Women’s Entrepreneurship

  • Paraguay/Pawnees and Green Hydrogen Collection

  • Pakistan and Designing a Telemedicine Facility

  • Involvement globally with students in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Africa, India, Korea, Pakistan

  • Africa and the Mandela Fellows/State Department Initiative…and more!


What can you learn?

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Economic development
  • Agriprenurship
  • Social anthropology
  • History
  • Cultural analysis
  • Contract/grant management and proposal writing
  • Project management for social entrepreneurs…and more!


Craig E. Watters, Ph.D. Director, Riata Institute for Global Social Entrepreneurship/International Entrepreneurship, Chair 218
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