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Oklahoma State University
Ph.D. in Business for Executives

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Application Process

To be reviewed for admission consideration, applicants must submit a complete application to the Graduate College consisting of the following:

  1. An application for admission consideration: Online Graduate Application
  2. A non-refundable application fee
  3. One original transcript from each college or university attended

All transcripts must be official with the college’s or registrar’s original seal and should show any degrees completed.

Applicants seeking admission under an F1 or F2 visa must contact the International Students & Scholars office before submitting an application.

Apply for 2020: Each prospective applicant of the PH.D. in BUSINESS for EXECUTIVES Program (Business Administration – Option in Executive Research (PhD) - Apply for 2020) is required to include the following

  1. Cover letter
    The Spears School PH.D. in BUSINESS for EXECUTIVES program is looking for individuals that have at least 10 years of significant professional or executive level experience. Ideally, each candidate will have made significant contributions to their field of expertise and hold a significant record of not only professional development, but also personal development. In your cover letter, please explain how your experience meets these qualifications as well as any pertinent information that might be relevant to your success in a rigorous PH.D. in BUSINESS for EXECUTIVES program. Include the significant contributions you have made to your organization and profession and your involvement in professional development activities as well as service organizations.
  2. Current resume (including current position)
  3. A statement of interest
    The statement of interest should be three to five pages in length and discuss (1) why you are interested in pursuing a PH.D. in BUSINESS for EXECUTIVES at this time and (2) key organizational problems you are facing that can be addressed by applied research. Included in this statement can be information pertaining to your career goals and aspirations once you have received your degree, the area of business you are interested in studying and the specific research questions that are of interest you, and any foreseen obstacles or challenges which will need to be overcome in order to successfully finish the degree program in the 3-year time frame allotted for completion.
  4. Contact information
    Name, phone numbers, email, job title, company name and company’s industry.
  5. At least two letters of recommendation

Your letters of recommendation should come from at least two well-respected individuals (an executive or community leader who can attest to the applicant’s abilities). The recommender should address how they know you, your personal and professional accomplishments, how you have contributed to the organization, your leadership abilities, and your potential for success in a rigorous, challenging, and advanced academic environment.