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Oklahoma State University
Mentoring Program

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Success Stories

mentoring program reception

mentoring program reception

mentoring program reception

This program is now one of my favorite programs that the business school offers. I was very reluctant at first to try the mentoring program, because I am shy and I did not have a lot of experience talking to professionals. But this program has really helped me to grow. My mentor helped me make goals, and find ways to accomplish them. He was always willing to answer any questions that I had. Also I was able to go to his company, and I got to meet other professionals. I think every business major should go through the program, because it will benefit students (and mentors) so much. – Katlyn H, Protégé

My mentor was absolutely incredible. It meant a lot to see an extremely successful man take time out of his day each week to help and guide me in any way he could. We already have plans to stay in touch and continue our conversations. I highly suggest that anyone who plans on being a successful adult one day joins this program. – Thomas O, Protégé

This program was very helpful for my personal and professional life. Every time I had a doubt or an idea I was able to discuss it with my mentor and also have feedback. We also set goals aligned to my professional objectives and the fact of having somebody to show results is a great way to follow the plan. – Israel S, Protégé

My mentor helped me by conducting mock interviews.  We also talked about way to make difficult decisions.  After receiving my first job offer, he helped me analyze the details and we discussed how to negotiate it.   – Katie L, Protégé

The mentor program was a great way to keep my end goal at the front of my mind. It's easy to get weighed down by everything due in classes. After checking in with my mentor throughout the semester, I felt motivated after each conversation because I was reminded of how each of my courses will benefit me long term. – Shelby S, Protégé

mentoring program reception

mentoring program reception

mentoring program reception

The OSU mentoring program allowed me to meet and develop what I hope is a career-long relationship with a bright, talented young accountant and a wonderful individual.  I hope to be a professional mentor for her as she progresses throughout her career and look forward to watching her transition from a student to a young professional. – Kimberly P, Mentor

The OSU Spears Mentoring program serves as another testament to the positive developments happening at the business school. This program further fortifies the importance of developing the leadership skills necessary for positions in the business world of today. – Matt J, Mentor

The Mentorship Program was enlightening to say the least.  As the Mentor, this program made me think outside of the box.  It enabled me to influence our future generations through good theory and real life situations.  Specifically, we discussed and practiced situational awareness and how/when to flex out of our comfort zone to be more effective in developing and maintaining relationships in any given situation.  – Mike W, Mentor

I really wanted to help someone accomplish the individual's goals.  I felt my personal and career experiences and my experiences with my kids' college and career efforts would help someone.  The mentoring program put me in a position to help someone which was my ultimate goal. – Randall M, Mentor

It was enjoyable meeting and getting to know someone from an entirely different culture that has worked hard in pursuit of his goals.  I know I learned from him and I hope I was able to help him, as well. – Scott M, Mentor

I wouldn't be where I am without countless opportunities and help from Oklahoma State Faculty and Alumni. Over the past year I've had the privilege to be a mentor have thoroughly enjoined being a supportive and encouraging member of the OSU Mentoring Program. It's been a privileged for me to play a part and I look forward to continued participation in the program. – Joe W, Mentor

It has been great to get a new perspective from fresh minds who see things from a totally different angle than what you are working within your own company.  I enjoy the mutually beneficial exchange. – Luciano C, Mentor