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Oklahoma State University
Marketing and Communications

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Services Available

To request services from the M&C unit, fill out a Project Order Form or Press Release Request Form.

Marketing Services

  1. Marketing consulting – The M&C unit can help you develop and implement an integrated marketing communications strategy to help achieve short-term and long-term communications and marketing objectives.
  2. Copy writing and editing – The M&C unit can help you develop or edit copy for your marketing items to ensure they communicate clearly and effectively.
  3. Graphic design – The M&C unit creates, prepares, presents alternatives, coordinates and assures production of marketing efforts of the Spears School. These efforts include fliers, brochures, posters, banners, giveaways, newsletters, direct mail, advertisements, etc.
  4. Pre-press and post-press implementation – The M&C unit can help you coordinate file preparation, ordering, and delivery to ensure your marketing efforts are produced as accurately and efficiently as possible. In addition, the M&C unit will review your marketing items to make sure they adhere to Spears School and Oklahoma State University policies and practices. For more information, visit the Printing and Ordering Information page.
  5. Large format printing – The M&C unit can print your large format items (up to 42 inches wide). For more information, visit the Printing and Ordering Information page.
  6. Banner hanging – Spears School departments, centers, units and offices can request banner hanging in the Business Building lobby. Banners can remain in the lobby for one week and must be ordered two weeks in advance. Scheduling is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Banners must be printed on Heavyweight Banner Material and must be 60 x 24 inches. For more information, visit the Printing and Ordering Information page.
  7. Multimedia equipment checkout – The M&C unit has a digital camera and video camera available for checkout and use by Spears School employees. To check out the equipment, fill out the Multimedia Equipment Checkout Form.

Communications Services

  1. Media relations – The M&C unit serves as the primary media contact for the Spears School. The unit helps distribute media advisories, schedule interviews, etc.
  2. Press release writing/distribution – The M&C unit writes press releases assists with targeted press release distribution to local, state and national outlets. To request to have a press release written, fill out a Press Release Request Form. To utilize press release distribution services for releases already written, email
  3. Spears Headline News – The M&C unit publishes this eNewsletter featuring information on the latest happenings and upcoming events in the Spears School of Business, the Spears Headline News is disseminated by email to all Spears School faculty, staff and undergraduate students every week. A video version of the newsletter is posted on SSBTV. To submit items, email
  4. Spears School Web site News page – The M&C unit posts press releases, feature stories, news items, etc. at and departmental sections of the Web site as designated. To request to have an item posted on a news pages on the Spears School Web site, email
  5. Photography – The M&C unit can take photos of Spears School activities and events. To schedule photography, email
  6. SSBTV – The M&C unit oversees SSBTV (television channel 22 on any campus TV) . To submit items/events or to suggest video segments to SSBTV, email
  7. Social media – The M&C unit coordinates Spears School participation in social media. This new area of the Spears School communications and marketing strategy is still being developed. Currently, the college participates in OStateTV, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Flickr.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the M&C unit at or 405-744-2703.