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Center for Sales and Service Excellence

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners are central to the success of the Center for Sales and Service Excellence. Without them, there is no way for us to make a real difference for the students accepted into the Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence program or for the scholars who need to understand the realities of the marketplace in order to do meaningful research.

Here’s why taking the time to work with us is so important

You offer a perspective that is desperately needed by our students – your future employees – and by the scholars who have chosen to align themselves with our Center. Our students need the input you can provide about what we should be teaching them in our courses. The marketplace is dynamic—and we’d like to shape our teaching about frontline marketing and management using input from the people who manage frontline employees. The students also need your help in the form of job shadowing and internship opportunities; we require all of the students in our Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence program to complete internships in relevant organizations. In addition, the students need to hear from you directly in classroom or seminar contexts as you communicate your personal experiences.

Your input is also important for our Affiliate Scholars who do research about the interactions between customers and employees and the factors that influence those interactions. We believe in the notion of doing academic research that is relevant to business practice and we invite you to join us in the endeavor. The scholars affiliated with the Center for Sales and Service Excellence have produced dozens of high quality research articles with practical applications for managers of frontline employees. You can help us by identifying the most pressing issues confronting your companies, your employees, and your customers. You can also help us by providing access to employees and/or customers for interviews, focus groups, or for completing surveys. Mostly you can help us, though, by keeping us grounded in phenomena that really matter.

So what’s in it for you?

There are several benefits from partnering with us, which we group into three categories: exposure, influence, and satisfaction.

Most companies need a steady stream of qualified job recruits. Working with the Center for Sales and Service Excellence provides your company exposure to some of the very best job recruits. The students in our Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence program have already indicated a desire to learn more about customer-employee interactions and will likely be some of the most qualified recruits available anywhere. Exposure can take many forms ranging from company names and logos of sponsors placed on our web site or other materials to direct contact in classroom settings, receptions for Industry Partners and students, job shadowing, summer internships, and more. By completing the Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence, the best recruits essentially pre-qualify themselves for opportunities with your organizations.

Our industry partners also have the ability to influence Center activities in a variety of ways. As we’ve already noted, we place great value on your knowledge about what skills, abilities, and content knowledge our Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence students need to prepare them for jobs in your companies. And our Affiliate Scholars can greatly benefit from better understanding the kinds of problems about frontline marketing and management that keep you and your colleagues awake at night. Those are the kinds of issues that need our attention.

Finally, working with the Center as an Industry Partner brings with it the satisfaction of having helped in a worthy activity, one that benefits all of us in very identifiable ways.


Although there will be other opportunities to participate from time to time, we ask our industry partners to make the following annual commitment:

  1. Attend at least one reception sponsored by the Center for Sales and Service Excellence, typically held on the evening of the OSU Career Fair (or on the evening prior);
  2. Participate in one Industry Partner Advisory Board Meeting to provide input about course content needed in the Certificate in Sales and Service Excellence program or other issues (typically held on the afternoon prior to the Career Fair);
  3. Sponsor the activities of the Center with a contribution of $1000.
  4. (optional, but encouraged) If you are recruiting for interns or entry-level job recruits, register for and attend at least one of the OSU Career Fairs that are open to Spears School students (for more information, visit

To become an Industry Partner, please contact Tom Brown, Director.

Meet Our Industry Partners