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Leadership Essentials

This one- or two-day onsite and/or hybrid program is designed to give new supervisors the skills they need to be successful with their teams. The content of this program is customizable to complement a company’s internal training and development offerings. 

Building Your Program

Two-day sessions include all modules. For one-day sessions, choose 4-5 modules to combine with the capstone simulation to build your personal leadership program.


Module 1: Understanding your role and responsibilities as a leader (45-60 min)

  • Understand how to manage the transition from individual contributor to working through others
  • Learn the applications and impact between doing, delegating and leading

Module 2: Aligning team vision and purpose with organizational objectives (45-60 min)

  • Communicate how individual employee tasks support the bigger picture
  • Align individual and team priorities with organizational objectives

Module 3: Communicating effectively through behavior management and feedback (90 min)

  • Learn to communicate clear expectations verbally and in writing
  • Communicate feedback based on behaviors vs. characteristics

Module 4: Fostering employee connection and engagement (60 min)

  • Develop a team climate promoting trust, inclusion and connection
  • Understand the main drivers of employee engagement and the direct impact you make

Module 5: Identifying, selecting and onboarding talent (60 min)

  • Develop best practices in talent selection and interviewing strategies
  • Determine how to effectively onboard new employees and the role you play

Module 6: Coaching for career development and career advancement (60 min)

  • Understand intrinsic employee drivers and help them grow in their current role
  • Develop employees intentionally for future-oriented responsibilities

Module 7: I’ll take FLSA for $500 please – Employment laws you need to know about as a leader (60 min)

  • Understand employment and labor laws you need to know…while staying awake
  • Identify situations when you need to partner with human resources

Module 8: Managing conflict and difficult conversations (60 min)

  • Learn effective strategies to mitigate conflict early, avoid the snowball effect
  • Embrace daring leadership even when it’s difficult

Module 9: Structuring and delegating work for high-performing teams (60 min)

  • Your effectiveness as a leader can be hindered by the bottlenecks you create
  • Create a team culture of challenge, achievement and celebration

Module 10: Structuring effective meeting strategies (60 min)

  • Determine the types of meetings you should be having with your team
  • Save time with the right team meeting structures

Capstone Leadership Simulation Exercise: Putting strategies to practice (90-120 min)

During the capstone module, participants will put the strategies they’ve learned to practice addressing a fictitious yet relatable employee issue. During this simulation, participants will be presented with several scenarios that they then will have to determine how best to respond. The simulation ends with optimal – and less than optimal – outcomes. Participants will have fun going through and debriefing their decisions and actions as a group.

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