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About Roger and Cindy Cagle

Roger Cagle’s accomplishments are numerous since graduating from Oklahoma State University’s business school. The Heavener, Okla., native earned his bachelor’s degree in general business in 1973 and his MBA in finance in 1975.

Since graduating, Cagle has held various managerial positions in the oil and gas industry. He joined Exxon and quickly advanced before departing in 1979. He then joined Superior Oil Co., which was North America’s largest independent oil producer at the time. He co-founded Conquest Exploration in 1981 and was chief financial officer and vice president of finance before the company was acquired in 1991.

On holidays, Roger and Cindy Cagle often visited her parents aboard their yacht in the Caribbean. Roger’s childhood dream was to live close to water, a topic he often discussed with his father-in-law. When the acquisition for Conquest Exploration was complete, the Cagles got their chance to live on the water. They spent the majority of the next three years sailing the South Pacific.

One person they kept in touch with was Ed Story, who formed an international oil and gas exploration company and needed someone to head a Russian project. The Cagles were anxious to get back to work and did so as independent contractors for a few years before again heading back to the yacht to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle.

In 1997, Story again called the Cagles. They moved to London and Cagle co-founded SOCO International, an independent exploration and production company publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange and a constituent of the FTSE 250 index of companies. He was instrumental in driving the company to its current position as a leader in the independent oil and gas exploration and production industry. After working for several years in SOCO, both Cindy and Roger retired in 2017.

Cagle says he would not have had the success he’s achieved over the years if not for his time at Spears School of Business.