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Oklahoma State University

Ken and Leitner Greiner Excellence in Teaching Fund

In 1987 the Greiner Excellence in Teaching Fund was established to recognize, encourage and reward teaching excellence in the business college.

Ken Greiner has said: “I highly respect the efforts of research and understand the mission of our land-grant institution. It is my belief through my own observations that not enough is being done to recognize excellence in classroom instruction.”

The Greiner Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes an outstanding undergraduate and graduate faculty member annually through nominations by students and fellow professors.

Ken graduated with an OSU business degree in 1960, and Leitner earned hers in 1961.

Ken and Leitner Greiner Excellence in Teaching Fund
Year Undergraduate Recipient Graduate Recipient
2021 Rachel Cox Bryan Hammer
2020 Sarah Johnson Rathin Sarathy
2019 Evan Davis Goutam Chakraborty
2018 Bryan Finch Ajay Sukhdial
2017 Griffin Pivateau Goutam Chakraborty
2016 Andy Urich Ajay Sukhdial
2015 Jim Burkman Cynthia Wang
2014 Gary Trennepohl Angela Wheeler Spencer
2013 Dursun Delen Dan Rickman
2012 Robert Cornell Rick Wilson
2011 Laurie Lucas Goutam Chakraborty
2010 Meg Kletke Kevin Voss
2009 Tracy Suter J. Craig Wallace
2008 M. Bud Lacy Carol Johnson
2007 Jeretta Nord Meg Kletke
2006 Gary Meek Rick L. Wilson
2005 Zane Quible Rathindra Sarathy
2004 David Carter Ken Eastman
2003 K. Matthew Gilley Dan Rickman
2002 Mary Gade Robert S. Dooley
2001 Tom J. Brown Mark Gavin
2000 Jeanine Rhea Debra L. Nelson
1999 Dan Rickman Don Hansen
1998 Joe Fowler Gregory C. Mosier
1997 Jim Fain Goutam Charkraborty
1996 Raja Basu Amy Lau
1995 Ken Eastman Margaret A. White
1994 Richard Germain Ramesh Sharda
1993 Ruth Kreiger Gary Meek
1992 L. Lee Manzer John Mowen
1991 Andy Urich Ramesh Sharda
1990 Meg Kletke Janice Jadlow
1989 T. Sterling Wetzel John Wingender
1988 Tim Ireland John Mowen