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Oklahoma State University
Spears School Alumni

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Current Chairs and Professorships

The Spears School of Business faculty is composed of noted scholars, authors, sought-after consultants and practitioners, and caring teachers. Many of the faculty have received outstanding teaching awards and have been recognized for innovative instruction. The faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their publications and leadership positions in professional academic associations.

Chair & Professorships Held By
Ardmore Chair of Business Administration Dr. Rathindra Sarathy (MSIS)
Carson Priority Excellence Professorship in Business Administration Dr. Harounan Kazianga (Economics)
Dr. Tom Stone (Management)
Chuck and Kim Watson Chair Dr. Ramesh Sharda (MSIS)
ConocoPhillips Chair in Technology Management Dr. Ramesh Sharda (MSIS)
Eastin Center Chair for Career Readiness Andrew Urich, J.D. (Management)
Ed Keller Endowed Fellow in Finance Dr. Greg Eaton (Finance)
Dr. Jun Zhang (Finance)
Fleming Companies, Inc. Professorship in Technology Management Dr. Dave Biros (MSIS)
Fran D. Jabara Professorship Dr. Bat Batjargal (Entrepreneurship)
Gellein/Deloitte and Touche Professorship in Business Dr. Brad Lawson (Accounting)
George Kaiser Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. David Thomison (Entrepreneurship)
Glenn M. Stinchcomb Family Professorship Dr. J.B. Kim (Economics)
Greg Massey Professorship in Finance Dr. Shu Yan (Finance)
Haskell Cudd Professorship of Accounting Dr. Angela Spencer (Accounting)
International Entrepreneurship Chair Dr. Craig Watters (Entrepreneurship)
Jay and Fayenelle Helm Professorship Dr. Emma Wang (Finance)
Jeanine Rhea / OK International Women’s Forum Professorship Dr. Jeretta Nord (MSIS)
Joe Synar Chair Dr. Bryan Edwards (Management)
Johnny D. Pope Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. Matthew Rutherford (Entrepreneurship)
Jordan Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. Curtis Moore (Entrepreneurship)
Dr. Matthew Rutherford (Entrepreneurship)
Judy Freeman Johnson Professorship in Accounting Dr. William Schwartz (Accounting)
Lanny G. Chasteer Chair in Accounting Dr. Angela Spencer (Accounting)
Mike and Robbie Holder Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. Robert Baron (Entrepreneurship)
N. Malone Mitchell, Jr. Chair Dr. Bruce Barringer (Entrepreneurship)
Noble Chair in Marketing Strategy Dr. Tom Brown (Marketing)
Norman and Suzanne Myers Endowed Chair For Excellence in Business Administration Dr. Ken Eastman (Dean)
Norman C. Stevenson Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. Craig Watters (Entrepreneurship)
OBA chair of Commercial Bank Management Dr. David Carter (Finance)
OG&E Chair in Regional Economic Analysis Dr. Dan Rickman (Economics)
Patterson Foundation Chair Dr. Dursun Delen (MSIS)
Dr. William Paiva (CHSI)
Patrick B. Dorr Professorship Dr. Sarah Johnson (Accounting)
Paul C. Wise Chair of Finance Dr. Ramesh P. Rao (Finance)
Puterbaugh Professorship in Legal Studies and Ethics in Business Dr. Griffin Pivateau (Economics)
Raymond A. Young Foundation Chair Dr. Todd Arnold (Marketing)
Richard W. Poole Professorship for Excellence Dr. Ken Eastman (Dean)
SAS Professorship in Marketing Analytics Dr. Goutam Chakraborty (Marketing)
Student Ventures Chair Dr. Bruce Barringer (Entrepreneurship)
Tom and Edna Mae Carson Centennial Chair in Business Administration Dr. Josh Wiener (Marketing)
W. Paul Miller Professorship in Business Administration Dr. Rick Wilson (MSIS)
Watson Family Chair in Financial Risk Management Dr. Ramesh Rao (Finance)
William S. Spears Chair in Business Dr. Federico Aime (Management)
Dr. Robert Baron (Entrepreneurship)
Dr. Dursun Delen (MSIS)
Dr. Karen Flaherty (Marketing)
Dr. Carol Johnson (Accounting)
Dr. Laurie Lucas (Legal Studies)
Dr. Marlys Mason (Marketing)
Dr. Lisa Schurer Lambert (Management)
Williams Companies Chair in Business Dr. Betty J. Simkins (Finance)
Wilton T. Anderson Chair in Accounting Dr. Audrey Gramling (Accounting)

Regents Professors

Dr. Robert Baron (Entrepreneurship)
Dr. Dursun Delen (MSIS)
Dr. Dan Rickman (Economics and Legal Studies)
Dr. Ramesh Sharda (MSIS)

Regents Service Professor

Josh Wiener (Marketing)