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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Chairs and Professorships

Build resources, build commitment

The caliber of the Spears School’s educational strength and competitiveness is reflected by the quality of its faculty. Faculty members who hold prestigious chairs and professorships are considered experts in their field and are highly regarded in the academic world. Private support is critical in helping to recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty to teach students and to continue important research that will bring prestige to the Spears School.

Because only earnings of the endowment are used to support these positions, an endowed chair or professorship becomes a perpetual source of funding. Each chair or professorship may be named for or by the donor, linking forever that name with a position that will be occupied by a continuing line of distinguished educators and researchers. Gifts to endow a faculty chair are matched by the State of Oklahoma.

List of current Chairs and Professorships in the Spears School.

How we can do it

In order to build on our outstanding commitment to education of business professionals, it is vital we attract and retain exceptional scholars. We can do this by offering the best resources, by providing state-of-the-art facilities and by endowing faculty positions. The ability to appoint faculty members to named chairs and professorships is one way we are able to recruit and reward innovative and effective scholars.

By endowing faculty positions, you increase the financial resources that make it possible for them to conduct essential research, which allows them to develop their expertise and bring national and international recognition to the university. Their research is often presented to Oklahoma’s business community and used to strengthen the economy. Most importantly, when students leave OSU and start their careers, they have learned from faculty who are leaders in their fields.

How you can help

You can name an endowed position in honor of a family member, mentor or friend. Alumni often honor professors who made a difference in their lives, and by doing so, they ensure that future students receive the same exceptional education they received while attending OSU.

Faculty Position Requirements to Fund a Faculty Position
Endowed Chairs Requires a minimum of $1,000,000
Endowed Professorships Requires a minimum of $250,000


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