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Oklahoma State University

Fall 2018

Jill Sharp

Executive Q&A

Jill Sharp, an Oklahoma State grad and business leader, has enjoyed quite a career journey in a rise with Halliburton that spans 26 years and now features her...

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Tom Brown and Audrey Gramling

Bridging Business

Tom Brown and Audrey Gramling are the newest department heads in the Spears School of Business. Their newness, however, comes with a nod to the past...

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Francesca Spillman

Amazing Journey

From her home on the tiny island of Mauritius, basically a dot on the map in the Indian Ocean, Francesca Spillman once envisioned the United States through...

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Robert Smith

“I'll be sharing the story of how we created one..."

National radio correspondent Robert Smith promises a peek behind the scenes of his popular...

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Seventh cohort group photo

Seventh cohort attracts diverse group

Oklahoma State University’s innovative doctoral program for executives continues...

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Bob Austin

Always A Fit

It was the people, namely the oft-celebrated people of Oklahoma State University, who first lured Bob Austin to campus in Stillwater. They were his kind of people...

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Dan Gilliam and Dean Eastman

Orange Blooded

Dan Gilliam could be the poster boy for Should be, perhaps. Gilliam was there at the outset of the popular program that continues to help...

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Mike and Judy Johnson with Dean Eastman

Loyal And True X2

Many Oklahomans know, or know of, Johnsons of Kingfisher, an institution when it comes to the business of automobiles and farm equipment in the state...

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Front side of new business building

Celebrating Spears

Spears Business faculty continue to receive recognition for their teaching and research. Here are a few members of the...

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