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Oklahoma State University

Alumni Society

2018 Alumni Society Board members

The mission of the Spears School Alumni Society is to:

  • Foster communication and cooperation among all alumni of the Spears School of Business.
  • Promote activities that enhance the recognition of the school’s contributions to the business professions.
  • Aid in the recruitment of high quality students for enrollment in the school, to increase employment opportunities for graduates of the school.
  • Increase the visibility of the school among academic and business audiences.

The Spears School Alumni Society is a chapter of the OSU Alumni Association. For membership benefits and how to join, visit OSU Alumni Association.

The society is governed by the Spears School Alumni Society Board of Directors. Its members are to serve as advocates for the Spears School of Business to prospective students, current students, parents, alumni, friends of the school, industry and organizations served by the school.

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