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Oklahoma State University

Summer 2019

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OSU program celebrates its 10th anniversary this fall

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Sean Tolbert

Going Home

Student’s Liberian homeland was once only a Place in his imagination

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Andrew Urich

Going hard on soft skills

Core curriculum changes aim to add critical interpersonal skills for Spears Business undergrads

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Irina Tkachenko

In her own words

Irina Tkachenko: ‘I love everything that OSU has given me’

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Greenwood Center

Beyond the classroom

Online courses reach thousands of students around the world for Spears Business

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Julie Weathers

A legacy of learning

CEPD Director Julie Weathers continues family tradition of passing on knowledge

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Richi Liu

Targeted Marketing

Understanding religiosity’s influence on food choices can assist in targeted marketing

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Anna Lennard

Acting at Work

OSU research studies the positive and negative of faking emotions in the workplace

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Richie Lui

Pathway to innovation

Tom Totten credits OSU Ph.D. in Business for Executives program for his startup

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