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Oklahoma State University

Summer 2018

Braxton Noble

Taking His Shot

When Braxton Noble wanted to learn how to throw a football, the teaching fell to his mother, although somewhat hesitantly. “Braxton and I have been by ourselves since...

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Jim Burkman

Our Stuff is Out There

Cybersecurity refers to the techniques used to protect computers, computer systems and data from unauthorized access or exploitation...

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Eric Sisneros

Real-World Experience

There’s nothing quite like accepting your first job and knowing that you have the real-world background to quickly contribute...

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Brady Connor

What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been

Brady Connor stares out his Midtown Manhattan office, just blocks from Wall Street, and realizes...

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Darcy Worth

Chatting with Spears Business’ Top Senior

Darcy Worth, a marketing and management major at Oklahoma State University from Tahlequah...

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Claudio Ferrer

Challenged to Achieve

Claudio Ferrer found easy motivation to rise early and get to school at Enid High School in northern Oklahoma. “If I could be honest...

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Betty Simkins

The Benefit That is Betty Simkins

How accomplished is Betty Simkins? You get some idea when you find her curriculum vitae online — all 25 pages of it. Her work ethic...

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Corey Baham

Worthy of Applause

Corey Baham stood before a room full of IT managers, not quite prepared for the outburst that would follow his presentation. A standing ovation. Baham, an Oklahoma...

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Vanessa Shippy

Conquering the Playing Field

Vanessa Shippy rarely finds herself with time to kill. After all, she’s a top Spears School of Business student chasing two degrees (plus a minor!)...

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Donna Lamson

Speaking the Language

Donna Lamson didn’t carry alumna status when she arrived to interview for the program director job with Oklahoma State...

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