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Oklahoma State University

Summer 2016

Dean Eastman and Burns Hargis signing the beam

Topping Out

The construction of the new Business Building on Oklahoma State University’s Stillwater campus reached several milestones this spring, including...

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Forrest Hull

An Experienced Entrepreneur... at 18

He’s only 18 years old, but he already runs his own business. Forrest Hull is a freshman entrepreneurship...

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Brett Humphrey

Opportunities Knock, He Answers

Brett Humphrey’s great smile and friendly demeanor stand out, even in a large crowd. The beam signing for the new building...

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Shannon Chiarello

From Navy to Numbers

Students in the Spears School of Business have many different backgrounds. Shannon Chiarello, who is studying...

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Kelle Scott and Doug DeBord

A Historical Hobby

It’s safe to say that Kelle Scott is probably the only licensed cannoniere in Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business. But when she steps behind a cannon...

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Greg Day

The Business of Art

Today’s art market is plagued with frauds, thefts, forgeries and overall market failure, and the current governing legal framework has made it worse. Surprisingly...

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Brian Watson

A Selling Success

Brian Watson usually has the best seat in the house. OK, maybe he’s not actually in the best seat, but he does have a say in who gets the best views when it comes...

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Dean Eastman and Gen. Keith Alexander

Tackling Security Concerns

With the increasing risk and sophistication of cyber attacks, cyber security is one of the hot topics of 2016. Hosting the...

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