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Oklahoma State University
mentoring program

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Participant Testimonials

“Great to give back and support OSU.” – Lance (mentor since January 2015)


“I personally believe that the benefit in helping mentees is greater for me than the mentee.” – Sam (mentor since January 2015)


“I appreciate this program because it helps me stay connected to the students on campus – what is important to them, etc. It is also a way of giving back to the university. I would have loved to have had the chance to connect with someone in the real world when I was in school trying to make life decisions.” – Lindsey (mentor since January 2015)


“My mentor started her career in the same field that I am looking at starting my career in. She was very insightful in how I should navigate the recruitment process.” – Nathan (protégé since August 2015)


“It was nice to have another person to talk to about career goals.” – Allison (protégé since February 2015)