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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Academic Program


The MSQFE program is designed to compete with the world’s top schools by preparing students to resolve tomorrow’s most challenging business problems. All students benefit from our small classes and the personal attention they receive from our experienced faculty.

The flexibility of the MSQFE plan of study allows students from two disparate streams, Engineering / Mathematics / Physics and Business / Economics, to tailor their studies to achieve their career objectives. Students may design their plan of study using one of the three areas of specialization (tracks) to tailor their studies to meet their own professional objectives:

The Financial Engineering Emphasis embodies the multifaceted skill set required to designing and implement derivative valuation and hedging models.

The Risk Management Emphasis embodies the breadth of skills identified by The Global Association of Risk Professionals ( and Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (

The Investment Management Emphasis embodies the breadth of skills identified by the CFA Institute, relevant for the Chartered Financial Analyst professional certification.

Typical Plan of Study for a MSQFE Student

The MSQFE is a 33-hour program for most students entering the program. The following is a sample course schedule for a typical MSQFE student:

Fall (1st year)

STAT 4203 Mathematical Statistics I
MATH 4513 Numerical Mathematics
FIN 5763 Derivative Securities and Management of Financial Price Risk

Spring (1st year)

ECON 5213 Econometric Methods
FIN 5223 Investment Theory and Practice
ECON 5123 Microeconomic Theory I

Fall (2nd year)

FIN 5773 Financial Engineering
ECON 5033 Macroeconomics Analysis
ECON 5223 Mathematical Economics I

Spring (2nd year)

FIN 5883 Quantitative Financial Applications
FIN 5550 Special Topics in Finance

In order to customize the program as much as possible, and depending on the student’s career objectives, you can choose from the following electives offered by the OSU departments participating in the MSQFE program.

Relevant Electives

Investment Management

ACCT 5183, Financial Reporting
ACCT 5283, Managerial Accounting
FIN 5550, Portfolio Management
ECON 5033, Macroeconomic Analysis
FIN 5550, Bond Markets

Risk Management

FIN 5550, Risk Management
STAT 5053, Time Series Analysis
FIN 5550, Bond Markets
FIN 5053, Financial Management

Financial Engineering

STAT 5133, Stochastic Processes
MATH 5473, Financial Calculus
FIN 5773, Financial Engineering
FIN 5550, Bond Markets

Complementary Certificate Programs available at OSU

Oklahoma State University has two graduate level certificate programs; one in Data Mining and the other in Data Analytics. With appropriate selection of electives a MSQFE student can earn either one of these certificates. Information on these certificate programs is found at: