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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Academic Program

The part time MBA program is a 42 credit hour program. MBA students can pursue specialization in the following emerging careers.

Prefix Number Course Credit Prerequisites/Notes
ACCT 5183

MBA Financial Reporting

Fundamentals of financial reporting, preparation and analysis of financial statements, and the role of financial accounting in decision making.

ACCT 5283

MBA Managerial Accounting

Fundamentals of financial reporting, preparation and analysis of financial statements, and the role of financial accounting in decision making.

3 ACCT 5183
ECON 5113

Managerial Economics

Economic theory applied to business decision-making. Concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics related to understanding the economic system, analysis of policy, forecasting, and international economics.

MKTG 5133

Marketing Management

Consideration at an advanced level of the major elements of marketing from the point of view of the marketing executive. Emphasis on problem solving and decision making; using an interdisciplinary approach. Development of an integrated, comprehensive marketing strategy.

MGMT 5113

Management and Organization Theory

Contemporary theories of organization. Structure and dynamics of organizational goals and environments.

FIN 5013

Business Finance

Introduction to the major areas of business finance: the financial environment in which business decisions are made and the institutions found therein, the financial management practices of a firm securing financing and allocating resources among competing alternatives, and the valuation of financial assets to the firm and individuals.

3 ACCT 5183
Finance or Analytics  

FIN 5053 Theory and Practice of Financial Management or any other upper division finance

Concepts and theories applicable to the financial administration of a firm. Cases, problems and readings to illustrate various financial problems and techniques of solution.

3 FIN 5013 and ACCT 5183 for any upper division finance

MKTG 5733 Introduction to Marketing Analytics

Analytic tools including exploratory and graphical techniques, variable associations and correlations, regression, ANOVA and other related modeling techniques to improve managerial decision making.


MSIS 5633 Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques

A comprehensive analysis of contemporary business intelligence tools and techniques used in managerial decision-making, including decision support systems, data and text mining, knowledge management, expert systems, neural networks, and other tools and techniques.

MSIS 5303

Prescriptive Analytics

Application of prescriptive analytic techniques to business problems. Some descriptive analytics may also be covered.

MGMT 5303

Corporate and Business Strategy

Key issues in formulating and implementing business and corporate strategies. The orientation of top management and diagnosis of what is critical in complex business situations and realistic solutions to strategic and organizational problems.

Choose one from the following three classes    
MKTG 5633

The External Environment of Business

Social, ethical, regulatory and political forces as they impact on the organization. Attention to organizational response to these forces through management policies and strategies.

LSB 5163

Legal Environment of Business

Legal environment within which business must operate. Nature and source of law, the operation of the judicial system, the operation of administrative agencies, selected Constitutional provisions frequently involved in litigation of business problems, and selected substantive legal areas having a direct relationship with business operation and decision-making.

MGMT 5073

Management and Ethical Leadership

This course focuses on the application and evaluation of real-life ethical dilemmas using ethical decision-making models. Students will evaluate personal value systems, individual, leadership driven, organizational, and community ethical issues.

Elective     3  
Elective     3  
Elective     3  
Elective     3  
Total     42