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Oklahoma State University
watson graduate school of management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Non-Profit Management Concentration

In addition to the MBA core required classes, students must complete the following courses to receive the non-profit concentration.

Required Core Courses (6 hours)

Choose an additional 6 hours from the following:

  • MGMT 5023 Sustainable Enterprises
  • MGMT 5031 Leading Organizational Change (1-credit hour)
  • MGMT 5051 Creating Ethical Work Places (1-credit hour)
  • MGMT 5061 Managing Confrontations (1-credit hour
  • MGMT 5073 Ethical Leadership and Organizations
  • MGMT 5533 Leadership Challenges
  • MGMT 5113 Management and Organizational Theory
  • MGMT 5713 Negotiation and Third Party Dispute Resolution
  • AGED 5203 Grant Writing
  • EEE 5213 Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology
  • EEE 5403 Social Entrepreneurship
  • EEE 5603 Supporting Emerging Enterprises (practicum in South A