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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Management, Ph.D. in BADM

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The management area of study in the Ph.D. in Business Administration program affords candidates the flexibility to structure programs around their individual interests. Students major in either organizational behavior or strategic management with two supporting minors, one of their choice and the other in research methods. Students are expected to develop competencies that demonstrate both breadth in management and depth in a specialized area of expertise.

Training in research methods emphasizes research design and quantitative methods. Students are actively engaged in research activity throughout the duration of the program. Our Ph.D. program offers the opportunity to work closely with faculty members who are nationally and internationally recognized for professional and scholarly accomplishment. The Ph.D. program is small in numbers and rigorous in nature, and selection is limited only to well-qualified individuals. This allows us to create an environment necessary to the successful training of our Ph.D. students.