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Oklahoma State University

Health Analytics Certificate Program

There is a dire need for professionals with practical knowledge and skills in health analytics—ones who can convert large data repositories into actionable insight for better decisions to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the ever more complex and highly competitive health care domain. Listening to the health care companies/employers in the region as they repeatedly articulate their challenges and corresponding needs, with this certificate program, we designed, developed, and implemented the first stage of an evidence-based, hands-on educational program to produce the new generation of health care analytics professionals.

OSU presently has an internationally ranked MS in MIS program offered in the Spears School of Business. Additionally, the Center of Health Sciences offers a unique, internationally recognized MS in Health Care Administration (HCA) program. Finally, the Center of Health Systems Integration (CHSI) has recently been created in Tulsa to provide a nexus for all research and programmatic operations related to the intersection of health, healthcare, informatics, and analytics/data sciences. These three entities have come together to offer a unique interdisciplinary program – a Certificate in Health Analytics.

The goal of this certificate program is to educate/produce the next generation of analytics professionals who can transform “Big Data” sources into actionable knowledge and insight for the betterment of health, health care, and medicine.

The program requires taking four courses (each three credit hours, totaling 12 credit hours) of coursework, and allows for the courses to be double-counted towards a master’s degree. The required and elective courses that can count towards your certificate are listed below:

Required Courses (9 credit hours):

  • HCA 5013 Survey of Health Care Administration
  • MSIS 5673 Descriptive Analytics and Visualization
  • MSIS 5633 Predictive Analytics Technologies

Elective (3 credit hours - select one of the following):

  • MSIS 5303 Prescriptive Analytics
  • MSIS 5223 Analytics Programming (R & Python)
  • MSIS 5663 Data Warehousing
  • MSIS 5683 Big Data Analytics Technologies

To Apply

Submit the Graduate College Online Application form. Required attachments include current resume, and official transcripts from each institution attended, including Oklahoma State University.

Application Deadlines

For fall admission, application must be complete by July 1 of the same year.
For spring admission, application must be complete by December 1 of the prior year.

Tuition and Fees

Details about tuition and fees for on campus enrollment.
Details about tuition and fees for any course taken via online-learning.


For more information please contact Dursun Delen.
E-mail: (Program related questions only)
E-mail: (Application related questions)