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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Academic Program

Doctoral Program Purpose

The fundamental purpose is to produce thought leaders who can change the advancement of scholarship, teaching and community engagement in the dynamic field of entrepreneurship.

Our Unique Focus

The OSU doctoral program in entrepreneurship exists to train the next generation of scholars who will lead this rapidly growing discipline. As such, selected students work closely with noted faculty members in developing an appreciation for theory, research methods, and the great questions that confront entrepreneurs, public policy makers, resource providers and others who support entrepreneurial activity. The doctoral program is personalized to reflect the intellectual interests of the students, while capitalizing on the strengths of our entrepreneurship faculty. Students are afforded the opportunity to generate and publish research with faculty mentors, and receive active support in facilitating their own research.

Program Requirements

The Ph.D. is designed to be completed over four years, and must be pursued on a full-time basis. Approximately 42 credit hours are required depending upon the student’s graduate background. Requirements include department seminars in entrepreneurship and related disciplines, a minor area, and a statistics sequence. Students are also required to work as research assistants or to teach entrepreneurship courses each year they are in the program.

Doctoral Seminars

The following doctoral seminars in entrepreneurship are regularly offered:

The OSU Scholarly Environment

Entrepreneurship is a flagship program within the Spears School of Business. Further, as one of the few universities in the United States with a dedicated School of Entrepreneurship, which includes 10 faculty members, it’s a natural home for those interested in entrepreneurship research and teaching. The Program is a university-wide focus where the School of Entrepreneurship works with faculty and staff from disciplines around the campus, with key faculty members in different colleges and schools serving as Riata Fellows in the School of Entrepreneurship.

This is consistent with the inter-disciplinary nature of entrepreneurship. Doctoral students in entrepreneurship also regularly interact with those in management, marketing and finance. We are additionally committed to learning through entrepreneurial engagement. Toward this end, the School is complemented by the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, which is engaged in highly innovative entrepreneurial outreach on campus, in the region, nationally, and internationally. OSU is the home of the Experiential Classroom, the leading program on best practices in entrepreneurship teaching and program development in the world.

A Personal Approach-Support for Doctoral Students

The School of Entrepreneurship and Spears School of Business provide an annual stipend to doctoral students who qualify, as well as support in attending key national conferences in entrepreneurship. Competitive summer research grants are available to support the research interests of doctoral students. In addition, we place strong emphasis on close faculty mentoring of doctoral students, and forums for doctoral students to present and develop their research ideas. Finally, doctoral students are mentored to help them develop strong teaching skills.


The doctoral program in the Spears School was launched in 1958. The first two degrees were awarded to Richard Poole, who later became dean of the Spears School, and Duck-Woo Nam, who served as Prime Minister of South Korea. Our graduates represent some of the leading scholars in the various business disciplines, and have been placed over the years in many of the best universities in the United States and abroad. The doctoral program in entrepreneurship was launched in 2009.