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Oklahoma State University
Watson Graduate School of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Orientation – Stillwater Full Time Students

Your first task in developing the skills necessary to achieve success is to learn to network with those around you in graduate school. To get started on the right path, each academic program holds its own mandatory orientation program.

These orientation programs are designed to:

  • get you up to speed with the requirements of your degree plan
  • introduce you to faculty members and senior level students
  • enhance your understanding of graduate level studies
  • introduce you to the basics of image and professional development
  • allow you to experience top notch leadership exercises
  • begin your development of life long connections to classmates

For students in the PD course, a 2-day mandatory orientation program occurs prior to the start of the fall semester for all new students. The first day features activities to increase your awareness of graduate study expectations while the second day focuses on getting to know your classmates via completion of traditional ropes course activities.

PDT students participate in a one day program designed to enhance understanding of the Business School environment and expectations as well as a kick start into internship search strategy development.

Spears School of Business graduate students on the Tulsa campus are required to attend an evening orientation program in the fall featuring the provision of academic program information, professional development services, and current trends in research with faculty and administrators.

For students beginning graduate study in the spring semester, similar versions of these orientation programs are offered and required.