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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

M.S. in Accounting

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We are a land-grant university with a down-to-earth mission. Students know their professors here; they know each other; and they willingly help each other. We expect excellence from our students and strive to provide them with the same.

Students who undertake our master’s program should be transformed into professionals who have completed the CPA exam and are technically adept, resourceful, and ready to compete in a fast-changing, increasingly-global world. We place a particular emphasis on professional ethics, personal responsibility, and continuing development of leadership skills.

There are two basic programs through which a student can complete a Master’s degree in Accounting here at OSU. These are the 4/1 Program and the Professional Program in Accounting.

4/1 Program

The 4/1 program is the appropriate program for a student who has completed an undergraduate degree in accounting or any other area of study and who wishes to attain a graduate degree in accounting. Students in this program must complete 33 hours of graduate-level course work, with at least 21 of those hours in accounting. Depending on the student’s educational background, additional accounting and/or business courses may be required to prepare for graduate-level study in accounting.

Professional Program in Accounting

The Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) allows an OSU undergraduate student to begin work on his/her Master’s degree during the first semester of the student’s senior year (i.e., after completion of 90 hours of undergraduate course work). Like the 4/1 program, the student must complete 33 hours of graduate-level courses, with at least 21 of those hours in accounting. The student’s B.S. degree is awarded on completion of their undergraduate requirements, and the M.S. is awarded when the Master’s requirements have been completed.

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Alyssa D. Vowell, CPA
Clinical Faculty - Accounting
MS Program Coordinator
Oklahoma State University
231 Spears School of Business
Stillwater, OK 74078