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Oklahoma State University

Spears School of Business Scholar Leader Scholarships

The generosity of a number of individuals and companies has enabled the Spears School of Business to implement a prestigious Scholar Leader Program.

Spears Scholar Leader Program Admission Requirements

Admission into the Spears Scholar Leaders Program is highly selective and competitive. Selection is based on a balance of academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and demonstrated leadership abilities.

Incoming freshmen requirements: minimum ACT score of 25, minimum 3.2 high school GPA, leadership experience and participation in extracurricular activities and a desire to participate in Scholar Leaders Program activities. Participants receive a scholarship each of their four years of continuous enrollment as an undergraduate. Renewal is contingent upon active participation in the Scholar Leaders programs and maintaining a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA.

Your Oklahoma State University application acts as your scholar leader application as well. No additional information is required unless contacted by the selection committee.

About the Program

The Spears School of Business is proud to offer the Spears Scholar Leaders Program to a limited number of exceptional students each year. The Scholar Leaders Program is personally overseen by the Spears School associate dean for undergraduate programs. Students admitted into this program receive some financial support throughout four years of their enrollment as full-time business students. Scholar Leaders are involved in a series of educational experiences and extracurricular activities aimed at providing opportunities to stretch the students’ academic abilities and at developing future business leaders through activities beyond the traditional classroom setting. Included among these activities are attending on-campus speaker programs, Tulsa Business Forums, Oklahoma City Executive Management Briefings, etc.

The following is a list of the endowed Scholar Leader Program scholarships:

  • Allen Family Scholar Leader Scholarship*
  • Bank of America Corporation Scholar Leader Scholarship*
  • Blagg, Chip and Kimberly Endowed Scholar Leader Scholarship*
  • Buford, Bob Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Bump, Larry J. and Linda L. Scholar Leader Scholarship*
  • Chesapeake Rural Scholar Leader Scholarship*
  • Chitwood, Robert H. and Barbara J. Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Doty, Donald D. and Cheri F. Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Helm, Jay L. Scholar Leader Scholarship*
  • Hunsaker, Sam W. and Willie Bess Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Merrill, R. Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Nichols, Jerry R. and Kristin Bretz Scholar Leader Endowment Fund*
  • Sandmeyer, Robert & Loretta Endowed Scholarship*
  • Tolbert, Phil and Patricia Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Williams, Inc. Scholar Leader Scholarship Fund*
  • Young, Raymond A. and Verna N. Scholar Leader Scholarship*

*Endowed Scholarship

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