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The flourishing and highly regarded Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University is a comprehensive business school with instructional, research and outreach missions. In addition to dedicated faculty, challenging courses and hands-on training in our state-of-the-industry computer labs, the Spears School equips our students to navigate the business world thanks to unique programs and activities that help students and graduates reach new educational and professional horizons.

Incoming Student Information

Business Student Success Center

The Spears School has a long-standing tradition of offering innovative programs and services to help students reach their educational and professional goals. The Student Success Center houses Student Academic Services and Career Services, along with college recruiting and a Business Writing Lab. The BSSC helps students actively manage their degree program, thus improving chances the degree is finished on time and that they are equipped to secure a rewarding position upon graduation.

Student Organizations

There are more than 20 dedicated student organizations associated with the Spears School of Business. Many of these are related to specific majors. Some may be honors societies while others are business fraternities open to all majors. Each club has a designated faculty member serving as an advisor, as well as elected student officers that help shape the direction of the organization. Many Spears School student organizations have received state and national recognition for their performance and activities both on campus and in external competitions. Joining a student organization can begin a process of professional networking that will lead to a more enjoyable and successful collegiate experience.

Business Scholar Leader Program

For incoming freshmen who have decided to major in business, consider the Business Scholar Leader Program. To be considered, you must have a minimum of 25 on the ACT, at least a 3.2 high school grade point average, be involved in a variety of activities in your high school, and be willing to participate in the Scholar Leader Program activities, which include campus meetings and presentations made by well-known speakers. From among the individuals considered for the program, 15 are accepted, which makes it highly selective. It provides a four year scholarship, currently $1500 per year, payable over two semesters. An additional enrichment activity is provided after the junior year.

Transfer Students

To help you assess your opportunities at Oklahoma State University, we encourage you to review admission requirements and apply to OSU as soon as possible.

Helpful Suggestions for Transfers

While attending a community college but prior to transferring to Oklahoma State University to major in business, we recommend that you concentrate on completing the general education courses that OSU requires. You will find these listed in the General Education section of the degree requirement sheets for business majors. Note that in most cases, junior and senior level courses (3000 or 4000) at OSU cannot be met by course work from a two-year school or community college. Lastly, as a new transfer student you will be required to attend a Transfer Enrollment Program.