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Oklahoma State University
Faculty/Staff Support

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Update Your Directory Listing and Online Profile

There are two parts to an online profile. The first part is the directory listing. The second part is your online profile – this can be seen by clicking on “View Full Profile” in the directory listing page (Note: This link will only appear if you have enabled it when editing your profile).

Your login details are as follows:

username: Your O-Key Email Address
password: Your O-Key Password 

Login to edit your profile at:


Spears School Login Screen

After logging in, on the top right corner of the admin menu, hover over the text that says “Howdy, Your Name” and then click the link that says “Edit My Profile” on the drop down menu.

edit my profile

Click on 'Edit My Profile'

edit profile

Research Faculty and PhD Students

Your department website may have a page featuring research from Faculty and PhD students (typically located at If so, you can be included on this page by following the directions below.

The first thing you should do before being added to the research page is add your research information to the “Research Summary” box. This box is located in the “About Yourself” section just underneath “Biographical Info”. You may format your information as you see fit; however, please keep in mind that we may be asked to reformat it by your department for consistency.


Once you have added your research summary, scroll down the page until you get to the “Special Roles” section. Select the appropriate role (Research Faculty or Research PhD Student). If one of these roles is not checked you will not appear on the Research page. Click on “Update Profile” when you are finished.

special roles

Adding a Résumé/Vitae to your online profile

To add a résumé/vitae to your online profile, scroll down to the ‘Attachments’ section. Under this section will be a ‘Curriculum vitae / Résumé’ option.


Click the ‘Upload’ button next to this field. This will bring up a dialog box asking you to upload your Curriculum vitae / Résumé.

select files

Click on ‘Select Files’ and locate your file, then click ‘Open’. Your file will upload and the dialog box will extend with some information about the file you just uploaded.

Some faculty are experiencing a problem where the upload does not show that it has completed. You may see the message ‘Crunching…’ or something similar when this happens. Most likely the upload has actually completed. If you encounter this problem please send a message to and we can check the file and attach it to your online profile.
cv upload

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the Update Profile form and click on ‘Update Profile’. Your Curriculum vitae / Résumé will now appear on the Spears School directory. You may update it at any time by repeating this procedure.

Optionally, you may send updates to Spears School Support Services by sending an email with the requested changes to

Updating Your Online Profile

Follow the steps above for updating your directory listing. The ‘Biographical Info’ section under the ‘About Yourself’ heading will appear on your online profile. In addition, information from Digital Measures can be included on your profile by clicking the box next to the sections you would like to appear.

Digital Measures Options

The information in this section is pulled from your data in Digital Measures. You can update this information by contacting Mary Wanger at or 405-744-3650, or by updating Digital Measures directly (you may need to contact Mary to obtain your login information).