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We're all in this together.

As part of a campus wide effort to protect our community, Spears Business has made some changes to classes, events and public spaces to keep everyone who enters the building safe. Here you will found how Spears will function this semester and it's expectations for those who enter the building.

How we're keeping you safe:

  • Furniture in public gathering areas is rearranged/removed to meet the 6 ft social distancing guidelines.
  • Conference room capacity is reduced. Conference Rooms are considered public spaces and masks will be required.
  •  Computer Lab on the first floor will have reduced capacity and reduced hours.
  • Students and faculty are required to wear masks at all times during class.
  • Masks are available across the building if someone forgets a mask. 
  • OSU is fogging/disinfecting all Business Building and general university classrooms nightly.
  • Social distancing will be observed in classrooms – students sit 6’ apart from each other and at least 12’ from instructor.
  • Assigned seats will be required to facilitate tracing, if it is necessary.
  • Students have entire Thanksgiving week off and will not return to campus. Dead week will be virtual; and all final exams will be virtual.
  • There will be no common exams and no common exam time period.
  • Center and student organization events will only take place virtually.
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