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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative (TEI)


Oklahoma State University’s Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative (TEI) is dedicated to identifying and supporting faculty-created technological innovations – innovations that were born inside OSU’s classrooms and laboratories. The mission of TEI is to accelerate the commercialization of viable concepts, inventions, and products while promoting a university wide spirit and understanding of entrepreneurship. The program launched in 2009 and faculty members are taking and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit – already six promising technologies developed by OSU faculty in Stillwater and Tulsa are on the commercialization path. In 2010, the TEI program received a two-year grant from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance ( to enable the program to include graduate students from across the campus, in addition to MBA scholar students. The grant also provides support for materials, research, and prototypes.



The Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative seeks to enhance the university’s status as a leading research institution through the promotion and marketing of some of its faculty members’ greatest innovations. The initiative enhances the culture of entrepreneurship by fostering cross-campus relationships through multi-disciplinary projects. The initiative will help grow Oklahoma’s reputation as a place where innovation is at the heart of achievement and where university investment is recognized as a value added contribution.

The TEI is also seeking to add significant value to the university’s intellectual property investment. It serves to provide an outlet for burgeoning student entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in hands-on experiential learning. Ultimately, the initiative creates a new corps of entrepreneurs who will leave OSU better enabled to enact positive change in whatever ventures they may join or lead.


OSU’s Riata Center and the Office of Intellectual Property Management have joined forces to identify, mentor and accelerate campus research activities so that they can more profitably transition to entrepreneurial business ventures. The Program is supported by Dr. Craig Watters, Director of the Riata Entrepreneurship Center and Dr. Bruce Barringer, Head of the School of Entrepreneurship. Students from the Spears School of Business play an instrumental role in creating plans to take these innovations to market, and putting the plans into action by creating sustainable business ventures.

CIE Scholars and Technology Entrepreneurship

The Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholars Program were launched in the fall semester of 2009. CIE Scholars are the top students in the OSU MBA program. The leaders and shapers play a major role in the OSU Technology Initiative. With the help of EEE faculty support the CIE Scholars directly interact with the faculty innovators/inventors to lead the business planning efforts for commercializing these technologies. The Riata Center for Entrepreneurship has and will continue to invest in and support faculty research activities, through the CIE Scholars Program and through providing on-campus work space to help these fledgling businesses grow.

Related Support

To lend further aid to entrepreneurial faculty and enhance the OSU Technology Initiative, the Office of Intellectual Property recently launched CoSTART, a program that allows faculty members to take time from their teaching and research responsibilities to dedicate up to a year in pursuing a business venture based on their technology innovation. In addition, OSU provides laboratory space and equipment to faculty-led start-up ventures. The university will also assume the costs associated with searching and applying for patents as well as deferring licensing fees for faculty members interested in pursuing their own ventures. Finally, support is provided through the OSU Cowboy Bootcamps for Entrepreneurs and the Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program.

Projects for 2014-2015

  1. Single Seed Hand Planter
    A spring loaded device that allows hand planting of crops or dispensing of fertilizers.


    William R. Raun
    Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
    368 Agricultural Hall

    Team Members
    Huyen Nguyen
    Prashanth Shivanna
    Liurong Huang
    Boshra Karimi

  2. Method for Tissue Constructions
    Axial-flow Bioreactor for Culturing Cells and Tissues on 3D constructs to make replacement human tissues and organs.


    Dr. Sundar Madihally
    Chemical Engineering
    423 Engineering North

    Team Members
    Swapneel Deshpande

  3. Nanoparticles Drug Delivery
    Temperature sensitive Nanoparticles Drug Delivery for directed cancer treatment.


    Dr. Ashish Ranjan
    Physiological Sciences
    169 McElroy Hall

    Team Members
    Pratyush Gupta
    Kapoor Nikhil
    Zeng Xiaodan
    Leigh Krause

  4. Frost Proof Water Tank
    Livestock watering tank that uses geothermal heating to keep the water from freezing.


    Dr. Robert Taylor
    111 Engineering North

    Team Members
    Paul Sanchez
    Andy Camacho
    Salah Hamim
    Hossien Khaleghian

  5. PB Slices
    Individually wrapped Peanut Butter Slices.


    Dani Bellmer
    108 Food and Agricultural Products Center

    Team Members
    Mohit Agarwal
    Senthoor Selvan

  6. Organic Polymers Flexible Electronics
    Creating organic polymers that can be used in flexible electronics and solar power.


    Toby L. Nelson
    Chemistry department

    Team Members
    Yash Chaturvedi
    Claudia Dozal
    Quinn Vandenberg
    Tuan Nguyen