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Speaker Series Topics

2016 Speaker Series Topics

Carey Baker, Power of Perception

We all have a past that can often dictate how we perceive things.  This is not a bad thing it is simply our personally bias that help us make decisions and weigh options.  However, visual, oral and emotional triggers can alter perceptions and it’s important that we are all aware of this.  Sometimes we can incorrectly perceive a situation based on what someone said or how they said it.  Take an email, for example,  have you ever read an email and taken it completely out of context or misinterpreted it or had an email you sent taken completely out of context than after a simple phone call all was resolved.

Tom Evans, Due Diligence (Investor Discussion)

Tom Evans, an investment fund manager and corporate valuation analyst, will present a discussion on various criteria an entrepreneur should anticipate during the due diligence process of being considered for an investment offering.

Based upon many years of experience working with entrepreneurs, inventors and startups, Evans has developed a 12-point list of questions that help determine the potential for profitability and identify associated risk with the investment.

Areas discussed will include pre-money valuation, financial statements, tag-along rights, conversion scenarios, restrictions, exit plans and important considerations in the formation stage of business activity.

This is an opportunity to gain knowledge from an investor perspective, and discuss real-life scenarios where lack of planning affected future performance.

Andrea Graves, Food & Agricultural Products Center (FAPC)

Do you like to cook and have a signature food item you make that friends and family say is out of this world and “you should sell this.”  What does it take to develop a food product to market?  How does your food product become the next Red Bull or Head Country BBQ sauce?   Andrea Graves will talk about how FAPC works with entrepreneurs though a step by step process to help them through hurdles such as market evaluation, branding, product development, packaging, market testing, and product distribution.

David Lewis, Entrepreneurship in a Franchise

Entrepreneurship is the American Dream. Small business expert David Lewis explores the world of franchising as one path to entrepreneurship.  Gain insider tips for how to evaluate business opportunities, demystifying the process from identification to selection to success in ownership of your own small business.

Dick Rubin, Sales

For many of us “marketing and sales” is one 17 letter word.  However, those of us that have gone through the process of building a business from concept to completion know that marketing is marketing and sales is sales and most of us learn that both processes require different skills.  The balance of this presentation will be dedicated to exploring the differences and learning why the basic rule of business is “NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL A SALE IS MADE.”

Andy Urich, What’s your Story?

Your life is a story.  When employers interview you—they are looking for your story.

We will discuss how to make sure that your life is a great story and how to tell your story.