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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Idea Hatchery

Who is the Idea Hatchery for?

The Idea Hatchery is catered for students at a “pre-business launch” stage, which typically means they have yet to work past the business idea or concept. Throughout the course of the semester, the student will receive mentoring and advising to help establish whether or not the business concept will be feasible or profitable. The hatchery is open to all students in every discipline across campus. The application process consist of an online application form, and if necessary, an interview selection round.

Space is limited to 15-20 resident companies a semester and students have a maximum residency stay of two semesters, since the goal is to either move the company forward, or explore other options.

What are the requirements to be accepted into the Hatchery?

The main requirement is a good business idea concept! No business plans are required at this stage. If accepted, the student will be asked to sign a tenant agreement and terms of operation contract.

What can I expect as a Hatchery Resident?

Being a hatchery resident involves participation in all scheduled bi-weekly hatchery activities, such as but not limited to, private advisor meetings, group meet-ups, guest speaker series, etc. Throughout the semester-long residency, the student will have a chance to interact with other student entrepreneurs, get plugged into the OSU and local Oklahoma entrepreneurial ecosystem, while determining whether or not their business will be successful in the long-run. The progress of the business concept will be tracked via monthly and end of semester milestones. Each semester will culminate in a presentation of the business concept’s viability – can this idea move forward as a successful company?

The hatchery will consists of flexible group work space, conference rooms and computers solely for the use of hatchery residents.

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