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Riata Center for Entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Student Startup Central

Introduction to Student Startup Central


From students with early business concepts to student companies with products that are ready to launch, Student Startup Central hopes to provide a support system to our students and their entrepreneurial dreams. Each step of their journey towards being a business owner will be supported by a different facet of the program as described below. Find your fit in the OSU student entrepreneur ecosystem!

Idea Hatchery

The Idea Hatchery is a business idea generating platform that allows students with a business concept to explore the feasibility of their potential business over the course of a semester. The goal of the hatchery is to help students move past the embryonic stage, and potentially “hatch” into a successful and profitable company.

New Venture Incubator

The New Venture Incubator serves a more traditional incubator role, providing long-term resources and support for student companies that have already launched, but still want to be plugged into the OSU network.

To apply for any of our student incubators please click here

For more information, please contact Richard Gajan: or 405-744-2356.

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