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Oklahoma State University
riata center for entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Internship Spring 2014

Host Companies

Dearinger Print and Trophy

Dearinger’s has been continuously family owned and operated since 1960. Dearinger’s covers the entire spectrum of printing, everything from 4-color process to printing on advertising and promotional products, to engraving. Over the years they have broadened their product base to include just about any product that deals with communications in the written format.

Sustainable Tulsa

Sustainable Tulsa promotes responsible economic growth, environmental stewardship, and quality of life for all in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Many projects are put on by Sustainable Tulsa that includes Sustainability Education in the Tulsa Area, McLain Initiative, Henry Bellmon Sustainability Awards, SalsaFest, CNG Vehicle Education, and First Thursdays.

Tempered Mind

Tempered Mind, Inc. is an ‘edu-tainment’ company, built to make fun educational. More than simply “gamifying” education, we produce complete games that require the user to learn while they play. Tempered Mind, Inc. will focus on second language-education, with products built to introduce new content, reinforce material, and test comprehension and retention, all while the user plays a game on their smartphone or tablet. is an event based consignment company providing an opportunity for every college-aged consumer to easily make and save money. Consumers come together in a multi-day event on or near college campuses at the beginning and end of each semester to either buy or sell their college related items. is a tool that can be utilized to provide financial relief to those needing to purchase anything related to college life at great prices; and provides an opportunity for students to make extra money when they sell items they no longer need, in a safe and hassle free manor.

The Juvo Group

The Juvo Group creates websites and mobile Apps for businesses and non-profits. Located in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Juvo team is made up of individuals who love what they do. They understand the challenges of business, and employ their diverse skill set to help each client succeed.

The Vape Bar

Founded in January 2013 as a family business to assist cigarette smokers to transition to using a safer products that will satisfy their nicotine cravings and liberate them from the dehumanizing restrictions and stigma placed on those who smoke. We believe that vapor products have the capability to transform lives and relieve the healthcare burden caused by the use of tobacco products.


XploSafe, LLC was created on June 2, 2009 as a start-up company to commercialize technology for detection of peroxide, chlorate, and nitro based explosives through a variety of explosive sensors. It is our goal at XploSafe to utilize the technology, initially developed with funding from the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) at the Oklahoma State University, to provide a real-time detection and prevention system for improvised explosives.

Spring 2014 Interns

  • Grant Bennett: Finance
  • Brett Bellamy: Marketing & Management
  • Josh Birdwell: Computer Science
  • Michael Chorley: Marketing
  • Matthew Church: Strategic Communications
  • Mackey Culbertson: Entrepreneurship
  • Taylor Hoskins: DHM
  • Zach Kishpaugh: Management
  • Savannah Parsons: Industrial Engineering
  • Justine Reeves: Agriculture Leadership
  • Pablo Ruiz: Marketing
  • Tyler Sharp: Entrepreneurship
  • Jonathan Tran: Accounting and International Business