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The Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program


The Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program

No longer accepting applications for Fall 2017.
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Apply Online  for the Riata Entrepreneurial Internship (Students)
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The Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program provides unique entrepreneurial opportunities for highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students at Oklahoma State University. The program will offer up to 20 student internship appointments annually. These appointments require student interns to work directly with an entrepreneur, president, or senior executive in a high-growth, innovative company located in the Stillwater, Tulsa or Oklahoma City metropolitan areas. Interns are expected to add meaningful value to the work environment and to produce a number of useful deliverables to company management. Interns also take independent study credits in order to meet certain curriculum requirements.

Being selected as a Riata intern is both an honor and a challenge. Interns will be able to participate in exciting, hands-on, experience-based learning opportunities in entrepreneurial work environments.

Brandon Wise and Les Hutchens
Intern Brandon Wise, MBA ‘11 with Les Hutchens, CEO of Reproductive Enterprises, Inc.

“The Riata Internship program was a very enjoyable experience, I learned a lot from being with my host company throughout the semester. It allows you to be able to get a first hand experience on the dilemmas, challenges, and work it takes to grow a start-up business. This internship has allowed me to apply my knowledge in a real world environment and has benefited me by allowing me to be ahead of the curve of others, and apply what I learned to other industries/markets as well.”

-C.J. Sidorakis, Entrepreneurship, May 2014

“If you’re looking for something to push your creative thinking and expose you to professional environments, this is a great opportunity. The riata internship encourages entrepreneurial thinking, which is a desired skill to future employers. I would encourage any student to participate in the internships Oklahoma State offers!”

-Lauren Gurley, Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship, May 2013

“When I signed up for the internship, I was mainly expecting to receive something to build my résumé and to help me find a job after college. The Riata internship exceeded all my expectations. It was tough and challenging. It pushed me to think creatively and analytically. It challenged my perspective on what is possible. And it gave me invaluable skills that I am currently using in the workforce today. And in the end, the Riata Internship directly enabled me to apply for and receive a job that’s pay is way above the average starting salary of my major! If you are thinking about this internship, don’t pass up this incredible opportunity!”

-Caleb Mills, Finance & Accounting, May 2013

Internship Requirements

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Upper class undergraduate students or graduate students in good standing enrolled at any school or college at Oklahoma State University are eligible for the program.
  • Candidates must have strong grade point averages
  • evidence of extracurricular involvement
  • self motivated
  • have an interest in entrepreneurship.
  • Riata intern candidates are required to enroll for independent study/experiential learning credit and to work between 15 and 20 hours per week for an estimated 14 weeks with their host company.

To Apply (Students)

Interested students must complete a Riata Intern Application, provide a professional resume, schedule an interview with the internship director, show a serious interest in pursuing entrepreneurship, and register for the appropriate internship class. The link to the application form is located to the left of the page.

A call for applications is made by the Riata Center across the campus at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. If you would like to be on the contact list for the call for applications, please email us at

Stipends and Course Credit

The Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program stipend is based upon the intern’s completion of 180 to 200 hours of service.

Note: Stipend payment is subject to the student adequately meeting program and job requirements.

If you would like to be on the contact list for the call for applications, please email us at

Host Company Eligibility Requirements

  • Host companies must have been started by an entrepreneur and have some kind of growth orientation or desire to grow the business.
  • Host companies must also allow each intern to work on an overarching project, which provides some real value to the students’ learning experience and to the company. The Riata Center and faculty advisor support them in that project, whether it’s a Marketing Plan, a Business Plan, etc.
  • Eligible host companies must allow the student intern to work on site at the company for the duration of the internship.

To Apply (Host Companies)

Interested host companies must complete a Riata Intern (Host) Application, provide a summary of project(s) and other daily tasks for which the intern would be responsible.

A call for applications is made by the Riata Center at the end of Fall and Spring semesters. If you would like to be on the contact list for the call for applications, please email us at

Financial Responsibility

The Riata Entrepreneurial Internship Program offers paid internships. Host companies are responsible for fifty percent of the intern’s stipend based on his/her completion of 180 to 200 hours of service. This amount is billed to the host company by the Riata Center.