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Oklahoma State University
riata center for entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Internship Fall 2016

Host Companies

Infinite Composites

Infinite Composites Technologies (ICT) designs, develops, and manufactures advanced gas storage systems for aerospace, industrial gas and transportation applications. The Company was founded in 2010 to revolutionize the way pressurized gases are stored.

In 2013, ICT introduced the first new product category for high-pressure gas storage since 1995 with the infinite composites pressure vessel, or iCPV. It’s simplified all-composite design, provides users with 10% more fuel storage compared to other composite tanks and is 90% lighter than traditional pressure vessels.


Beardon Services is an experienced technology partner that offers practical answers to needs ranging from full software systems supporting thousands of users, to document management applications and various hosting utilities. We have extensive experience with consultation, networking, and e-learning design.

Since 1989, Beardon’s hard-working experts have been building custom solutions for clients and customers across the nation. In that time, the company has grown substantially. We have expanded into a strong, capable firm with roots in consulting, software development, and web development.

Our biggest focus is on bringing businesses long-term success, and we believe that is rooted in strong business relationships and trust. It is thanks to our many past customers that we have been able to grow, and we have given the best service we possibly can to help them succeed in return. We find it important to foster mutual, fulfilling relationships with our clients. We aim to truly understand the needs of our clients and meet or surpass their expectations.

Wabi Cycles

Wabi Cycles, founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA, was recently acquired by Tulsans Curtis Kline and Matt Gragg. The company relocated to Tulsa’s Brady Arts District and will open a retail shop there in September. Wabi bikes are not your everyday bikes that you find at the local bike shops. They are fixed gear / single speed bikes with road racing styling and performance, made for riding long distances quickly and in comfort, and with a responsiveness that you only get from a high end steel frame. As Tulsa’s first local bike maker, Wabi Cycles is excited to support our growing cycling community!

Switchgear Recruiting

Switchgear was born out of the idea that we can absolutely love what we do, and you can too! We take a “listen first” approach with our clients to clearly understand their current needs, company and departmental cultures and overall plans for the future. Our mission is to change the world for the better, one person at a time, by connecting wildly talented people with amazing growth opportunities within the best companies. We are corporate matchmakers. In the fields of IT, energy, accounting and engineering, we have long-term experience and relationships. This means that we have a strong understanding of what separates one company from another, and we know where and why a candidate would fit at a particular firm. Whether you’re seeking a position or seeking an employee, our knowledge and relationships in these sectors work to your advantage. Switchgear is built on relationships with candidates and businesses. We don’t want our relationship with you to end once your search is complete – we want to keep in touch, see how things are going and work with you again in the future when you need us. Every relationship in life takes time, dedication and effort, and we’re ready to build trust and be your teammate for life.


Inspired by the epic poem by the same name, EVERYMAN is truly a company about every man. We’re about feel-good, price-conscious, menswear, accessories, and artwork. Every man should be able to look, feel, & be his best. We celebrate manhood & the role-modeling that goes along with it. We believe all young men need strong men in their lives. We strive to be irrationally generous.


Spokto began as just an idea in college. Two friends trying to figure how to get more out of life. We’ve always had a sense of wanderlust, from when we were wee lads running through the woods, dreaming of tree houses instead of house mortgages. Somewhere along the way we were told that to survive in the real world, we needed to stop dreaming and be realistic.

Yet we tried out the status quo and realized it meant shorter time outdoors, fewer miles on the road, and less time adventuring with friends. Why couldn’t we share something that our 10 year old selves would be excited about? We discovered that to accomplish this, we’d have to go out on our own. So we packed our bags, moved to Tulsa, and traded our 9-to-5 for a round-the-clock adventure as a startup.

We’ve buckled down, grabbed our bootstraps, and jumped in headfirst. We wouldn’t be here if not our parents letting us wreck their garage(s), our friends being tastebud guinea pigs, and all of the overwhelming support from our community. You can only love what you do if you do what you love. We don’t know where this journey will take us, but we can’t wait to share it with you. The best plans are the ones that unfold in the moment.


  • Yogesh Baptat: Industrial engineering and Management
  • Jonathan Chaves: Marketing and Sports Management
  • Fate Zachary: Finance and Chinese
  • Emily Gilley: Entrepreneurship
  • Mitchell Hunt: Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Austin Metzger: Entrepreneurship
  • Madison Weiss: Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Jessica Wiewel: Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Economics