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Oklahoma State University
riata center for entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Internship Fall 2014

Host Companies

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association of business, industry and individuals interested in the economic growth and quality of life of the community. Its members represent a broad cross section of the economy. They provide the resources, ideas, and initiative to make things happen in Stillwater and the surrounding area.

Beardon Services

Beardon Services Inc provides computer consulting and software development services through exceptional service and value for the customers.

Vape Bar

Founded in January 2013 as a family business to assist cigarette smokers to transition to using a safer products that will satisfy their nicotine cravings and liberate them from the dehumanizing restrictions and stigma placed on those who smoke. We believe that vapor products have the capability to transform lives and relieve the healthcare burden caused by the use of tobacco products.

Payne County Audubon Society

For more than a century, Audubon has built a legacy of conservation success by mobilizing the strength of its network of members, Chapters, Audubon Centers, state offices and dedicated professional staff to connect people with nature and the power to protect it. A powerful combination of science, education and policy expertise combine in efforts ranging from protection and restoration of local habitats to the implementation of policies that safeguard birds, other wildlife and the resources that sustain us all–in the U.S. and Across the Americas.


XploSafe established in Stillwater Oklahoma, is a provider of critical safety solutions for homeland security and lab safety. Our products protect people that deal with unstable and hazardous compounds.


MaxQ is a provider of dynamic insulating and high impact resistant materials that are applied for safe transportation of temperature sensitive goods. Our MaxTemp inslated container series incorporate proprietary bi-functional composites that have very low in-plane thermal conductivity and very high structural rigidity. The MaxTemp containers are thin (less than 0.5 inch), 10 times more insulating, 20% lighter, more durable (10 x impact resistant) and reusable compared to current state of the art styrene and foam based solutions.

Juvo Group

The Juvo Group creates websites and mobile Apps for businesses and non-profits. Located in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Juvo team is made up of individuals who love what they do. They understand the challenges of business, and employ their diverse skill set to help each client succeed.

OSU AppCenter

The OSU AppCenter is a space where students can transition their application (“app”) ideas into functioning web and mobile apps. Currently, there are no companies, which develop apps with the involvement of university students for developing, testing and validating these ideas. We provide a unique service to companies by connecting them with students in new ways to develop apps. The space also allows for students to professionally connect to corporate sponsors and businesses needing apps. The OSU appcenter will house all the necessary equipment and programs to facilitate this process, which will be free to currently enrolled Oklahoma State University students.

OSU Cowboy Technologies

Cowboy Technologies, LLC was organized in 2011 as a for-profit, limited-liability company with a mission to be a catalyst for commercializing university inventions. The company goals run parallel with that of Oklahoma State University’s land grant mission of taking University research from “CAMPUS TO COMMUNITY”.

Tempered Mind

Tempered Mind, Inc. is an ‘edu-tainment’ company, built to make fun educational. More than simply “gamifying” education, we produce complete games that require the user to learn while they play. Tempered Mind, Inc. will focus on second language-education, with products built to introduce new content, reinforce material, and test comprehension and retention, all while the user plays a game on their smartphone or tablet.

R2R Technologies

Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC is a start-up company located in Stillwater, OK. We are an Oklahoma State University (OSU) spin-off commercializing an electro-mechanical device called a lateral guide for roll-to-roll manufacturing applications.

Fall 2014 Interns

  • Brock Werdel: Business
  • Blake Johnson: Finance/Economics
  • Andrew Shreve: Entrepreneurship
  • Delaney Jost: Entrepreneurship
  • Susan O’Connor: Entrepreneurship
  • Brady Culbertson: Entrepreneurship
  • Zachary Knight: Economics/Entrepreneurship
  • Lindsey Hutchinson: Marketing/Entrepreneurship
  • Dillon Jones: Marketing/Entrepreneurship
  • Nicole Sutton: MS Entrepreneurship
  • Spencer Powell: Entrepreneurship
  • Chelsea Maple:Marketing/Management