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Oklahoma State University
riata center for entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Internship Fall 2013

Host Companies

Sports Field Removal

Sports Field Removal aims to be the premiere GREEN artificial turf removal provider to those who own fields, turf architects and artificial turf installers. Their ability to remove all products from the field within an unmatched time period ensures quality and efficiency. At Sports Field Removal they remove outdated artificial turf fields in the most professional and environmentally friendly way. Sports Field Removal will collect nearly all of the rubber infill so that it can be reused on the newly installed field. Their crews will also remove the old artificial turf so that it may be processed or reused in the industry. The process will also leave the Base intact and ready for the new field to be installed.

The O’Colly

The Daily O’Collegian (also known colloquially as The O’Colly) is the student-run newspaper at Oklahoma State University. The Daily O’Collegian is published on weekdays and distributed at cost to OSU students at various points around the campus in Stillwater. The newspaper has been in distribution since May 15, 1895, several decades before Oklahoma A&M became known as Oklahoma State University. The O’Colly is ranked as one of the top college newspapers in the country, earning several honors throughout its history and has a circulation of over 10,000.

The OSU AppCenter

The OSU AppCenter is a space where students can transition their application (“app”) ideas into functioning web and mobile apps. Currently, there are no companies, which develop apps with the involvement of university students for developing, testing and validating these ideas. We provide a unique service to companies by connecting them with students in new ways to develop apps. The space also allows for students to professionally connect to corporate sponsors and businesses needing apps. The OSU appcenter will house all the necessary equipment and programs to facilitate this process, which will be free to currently enrolled Oklahoma State University students.

Riata Arts Incubator

The Riata Arts Incubator is the planning and development of a university-based creative arts incubator that incorporates usable office or design space, workshops, programming, entrepreneurial support, and consulting. The mission is to bridge the gap between the creative arts industry and university-based arts and entrepreneurship programming by offering artists a new platform to discover what it means to be a self-sustaining artist or an arts entrepreneur.

Fall 2013 Interns

  • Ashton Lieberman: Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Chris Stockton: Management and Accounting
  • June Phan: Masters in Business Administration
  • Stefan Taylor: International Business/French
  • Elizabeth Bealko: Vocal Arts