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Oklahoma State University
riata center for entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Internship Fall 2012

Host Companies


Cookshack is the leading authority in barbecue cooking, products and technology. We provide high-end products with exceptional satisfaction to our customers. Cookshack is the best at providing barbecue solutions: making customers successful through knowledge sharing and resolution-based customer service. We communicate our knowledge to restaurants, professional competitors, and back-yard barbecue enthusiasts by means of focused marketing initiatives and accessible staff. We will be first-to-market with products that are recognized as “the best”, based in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Dry Surface Coatings

Dry Surface Coatings, LLC is located in Guthrie, Oklahoma. DSC was created by the principal founders of NGV Fleet Partners, Stewart Kennedy and Christian Guzzy. Through their work in the energy sector they became aware of the challenges faced by energy producers operating in extreme environmental conditions. The objective of DSC is to introduce Super-Hydrophobic powder coatings and liquid coatings specifically formulated for the Energy and Marine markets. The product line will incorporate patented super-hydrophobic diatomaceous earth (SHDE) into different formulations of epoxy and urethane based paint specifically formulated to render any surface free from water or ice and significantly reduce the effects of corrosion. DSC’s target market is the coatings for equipment and infrastructure specific to oil and gas industry exploration, drilling, refining and the marine industry

Environmental Technologies Group

Environmental Technologies Group, Inc. is an employee-owned environmental consulting firm that specializes in providing our clients with cost effective, innovative solutions. ETG’s extensive experience and knowledge in due diligence, site investigation, remediation, and site closure provides a unique combination of skill and knowledge to meet our client’s goals and objectives for each site.

Invia Pavement Solutions

Based in Tulsa, Okalahoma, Invia Pavement Technologies will work closely with customers to help solve the transportation industry’s challenge of effectively growing and maintaining roadway infrastructure with cost-effective, green technologies. With more than half of the sales of Asphalt Innovations products going to markets outside the United States, Invia Pavement Technologies will also assist in the technology transfer of innovative pavement preservation products and advances to global markets.

The Juvo Group

The Juvo Group creates websites and mobile Apps for businesses and non-profits. Located in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Juvo team is made up of individuals who love what they do. They understand the challenges of business, and employ their diverse skill set to help each client succeed.

Founded in 2002, NorthStar’s focus is to provide a web-enabled check management and debt recovery system. Customers looking to improve cash flow, reduce processing fees and increase recovery of NSF checks and past due debt turn to NorthStar. Providing powerful tools for companies and organizations looking to reduce the costs involved in their check processing and debt recovery.

Studio Mucci

Studio Mucci makes whimsical LUXURY PAPER DECOR out of high quality tissue paper. Whether you’re planning your wedding, birthday party or redecorating, Studio Mucci products can be used to brighten any event or transform your home into something magical. Everything is hand-made with love, and a great deal of care. Based in Stillwater, Oklahoma Studio Mucci serves a global market, which includes both direct customer sales and retail distribution to the world’s fashion elite.


Wavetech, LLC is a privately held company specializing in research and development in emerging technology markets. Our emphasis is on electromagnetic technologies, including terahertz, artificial materials, and nondestructive evaluation. Wavetech provides contract research services for government agencies, universities, and commercial entities in both lead and collaborative roles. We also provide consulting services in numerous technology areas, from general physics to the most advanced engineering theory. Wavetech manufactures and offers for sale a limited line of products developed during our research efforts.

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group specializes in insuring laptops, iPhones, iPads and other electronic devices and because we have over 40 years of insurance experience, and an A rating, you can be sure your laptop and other portable electronics are protected by the best insurance policy around.


XploSafe, LLC was created on June 2, 2009 as a start-up company to commercialize technology for detection of peroxide, chlorate, and nitro based explosives through a variety of explosive sensors. It is our goal at XploSafe to utilize the technology, initially developed with funding from the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) at the Oklahoma State University, to provide a real-time detection and prevention system for improvised explosives.


  • Kenneth Wittum: MBA
  • Eric Reed: MS – Health
  • Kara Lehenbauer: International Business/ Economics
  • Brian Howell: MBA – Online
  • Dawit Assefa: MSE
  • Thomas Vail: Undergrad – Gen. Bus.
  • Emily Bisogno: Undergrad – Gen. Bus.
  • Jerad Bell: MSE
  • Muthu Kumar Ramasamy: MS- MIS
  • Chad Rockwell: Undergrad – EEE/Finance