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Oklahoma State University
riata center for entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Internship Fall 2009

Host Companies

SST Software

SST Software is a privately held agricultural software development and information services provider with customers in forty-two U.S. states, eight Canadian provinces, and twenty-two countries. With over 15 years of experience, SST is positioned as the industry leader in the development of site-specific technology infrastructure and applications, and is currently active in developing, processing and delivering user-defined information products to many of the largest and most progressive agricultural service providers in North America.

Zannotti’s Wine Bar

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Stillwater, Zannotti’s Wine Bar is a Tuscany-style setting that offers a unique selection of wines, imported beer and mixed drinks for both the wine connoisseurs and novices. Add to that, attentive staff and wonderful Italian style appetizers and desserts, and Zannotti’s is a great place to come after work, meet friends and colleagues, or be a before or after-dinner destination.


Q-Research, LLC. (Q-Logic) is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma and manufactures, markets, and distributes branded aftermarket car-audio enclosures under the names of Q-Logic, Q-Forms, and Q-Customs. Distribution is broad, and includes over 1,000 specialty dealer locations and major retailers nationwide.

OSU Center for Innovation and Economic Development

CIED serves OSU’s commitment to economic development through sharing university “know how” (Research), building entrepreneurial strengths (Instruction) and participating in regional strategic alliances (Outreach) that create jobs and wealth for the citizens of Oklahoma.

Merrifield Office Plus

In August of 1981, with only $10,000 and a beat up old van, Loran Merrifield started a business with two folding tables stacked with some pencils, pens, and paper. That day, he hit the pavement to find some customers. This commitment to entrepreneurship and personal initiative started the great tradition that has propelled Merrifield’s two decades of growth based on serving each customer excellently. Today Merrifield’s employs 45 people at four locations across northern and western Oklahoma.

Stan Clark Companies

The Stan Clark Companies – include Eskimo Joe’s, Mexico Joe’s, Joseppi’s, Eskimo Joe’s Clothes and Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Products Group, which are primarily based in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

CStar Management

Serving Stillwater, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding area since 1992, we offer a wide variety of services including rentals, commercial property, construction and development services to suit anyone in the market. As a rapidly growing company, we are faced with many challenges. We will strive every day to provide friendly, professional service at reasonable rates, which will ensure our continued success.


  • Landon Daft
  • Stephen Evans
  • Conley Fincannon
  • Zac Fleming
  • Steve Kriz
  • Owen Love
  • RJ Philips
  • Justan Wright
Intern Zac Fleming with supervisor Joel Roark, Senior VP Engineering and Co Founder, ICx Nomadics