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Oklahoma State University
Riata Center for Entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

December 14th Fail Up Night

Presenters Ben Loh (Unmanned Cowboys) and Malachi Blankenship (Utown, LLC)

Ben Loh
Ben Loh and Malachi Blankenship
Malachi Blankenship

From Ben Loh: Unmanned Cowboys unites a team with several decades of combined technical experience in unmanned and robotic systems. The team brings research and commercial expertise in autonomous systems, robotics, and solar panel integration. Over the last several years, our teammates developed Stabilis, a plug-and-adapt™ autonomy module for unmanned vehicles, an All Terrain Land & Air Sphere - ATLAS™ and solar panel integration tripling the flight time for prominent UAS. Several exciting projects are in development and ATLAS™ was recently approved by the FAA for commercial usage (on Trumbull Unmanned's Section 333 Exemption).

From Malachi Blankenship: Find what to do next in your town. Discover the events, deals, and more happening in your area, all in real time! We’re here to help you answer the question everyone asks "what do we do tonight?" Utown lets you explore your community and find events, live music, even what part of town is hopping, all in order to help you never have to fear missing out again!