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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

August 24th Fail Up Night

Presenters Dan Purdy (PurdyQ) and Dave Monks and Jerod Millirons (Iron Monk Brewery)

Dan Purdy, David Monks, and Jerod Millirons
students listening
Dan Purdy, David Monks, and Jerod Millirons

Purdy Q, owned and operated by Dan Purdy, consists of two food trucks that serve mobile meats and treats. “Charlotte”, Purdy Q’s first truck, opened in March 2013 to serve their famous BBQ. Their second food truck, “Olaf”, began serving the community in the spring of 2015. “Olaf”, also known as “The Sweet Truck” serves homemade ice cream amongst a number of different special treats. Dan Purdy, owner and founder of Purdy Q, gained his experience through years of cooking for multiple gatherings and events. After continuously hearing positive feedback, Purdy reconditioned an old tool truck to operate as a state of the art commercial kitchen and smoke pit. Purdy Q’s famous BBQ is consistently served in the form of lunches and dinners to their local Purdy Q fans. Purdy Q’s unique mobile platform also allows them to attend special events and cater.

Iron Monk is Stillwater, Oklahoma’s first craft brewery, and offers handcrafted, award-winning beers. Iron Monk also offers a premier tap room and brewery tours to share their craft directly with brewery fans and friends. Founded in 2014 by Dave Monks and Jerod Millirons, they have over 30 years of combined brewing experience and a shared entrepreneurial spirit. Dave Monks began brewing in his undergraduate years, and started making serious efforts during graduate school while researching yeast. Jerod Millirons is a graduate of Oklahoma State, and discovered his remarkable palate for craft beer through brewing over the last several years. Together, Dave Monks and Jerod Millirons plan to more than double Iron Monk’s current production capacity.