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Oklahoma State University
Riata Center for Entrepreneurship

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

April 26th Fail Up Night

Presenters Scott Taylor (Colorpop) and Russ Teubner (HostBridge Technologies)

Fail Up Night presenters Scott Taylor (left) and Russ Teubner (right).
Fail Up Night presentor Scott Taylor from Color Pop.
Fail Up Night presentor Russ Teubner from HostBridge Technology.

From Scott Taylor (Colorpop): Our story is born from a great desire to create beautiful, innovative art for our clients. We are a call to action. A vehicle for creation. We want to inspire and create positive change through the artworks we create. Beyond that, we’re just a team of people who want to lend a paintbrush, pen, pencil, chalk, stylus, mouse, or lens to serve your vision. Through key communication and consultation, we then color in that vision responsively, working with clients collaboratively in order to fully realize exactly what they’re looking for.

From Russ Teubner (HostBridge Technologies): HostBridge Technology’s mission is to be the leader in providing CICS eBusiness integration software for large organizations. Our products will become a single platform through which large organizations can easily access their valuable corporate data and enable business-to-business transactions using their existing computing infrastructure. The company will continue to distinguish itself through technological innovation, ease of use, and customer service.