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Faculty Research

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Impactful Publications by Spears School Faculty: 2017-2018

This page highlights papers that were published in the SSB incentive program journals. SSB faculty have published papers in many other journals. For a summary of recent departmental publications, please visit the departmental research pages linked above, or visit individual faculty member’s profiles.


Brockbank, Bryan G.; Hennes, Karen. (forthcoming) “Strategic Timing of 8-K Filings by Privately Owned Firms,” Accounting Horizons.

Eshleman, J. Daniel; Lawson, Bradley P. (2017) “Audit Market Structure and Audit Pricing,” Accounting Horizons.

Economics and Legal Studies

Cai, Zhengyu; Winters, John. (2017) “Self-Employment Differentials Among Foreign-Born STEM and Non-STEM Workers,” Journal of Business Venturing.

Hirsch, Barry; Husain, Muhammad; Winters, John. (2017) “The Puzzling Pattern of Multiple Job Holding Across U.S. Labor Markets,” Southern Economic Journal.

Lucas, Laurie A.; Peterson, Christopher L. (2017) “Developments in Federal Student-Lending Law: Harbingers of Change?” The Business Lawyer.

Schuster, W. Michael; Wroldsen, John S. (forthcoming) “Entrepreneurship and Legal Uncertainty: Unexpected Federal Trademarks for Marijuana Derivatives,” American Business Law Journal.


Baron, Robert; Tang, Jintong; Tang, Zhi; Zhang, Yuli. (2018) “Bribes as Entrepreneurial Actions: Why Underdog Entrepreneurs Feel Compelled to Use Them,” Journal of Business Venturing.

Bylund, Per L.; McCaffrey, Matthew. (2017) “A Theory of Entrepreneurship and Institutional Uncertainty,” Journal of Business Venturing.

Hornsby, Jeffrey; Messersmith, Jake; Rutherford, Matthew W.; Simmons, Sharon. (2018) “Entrepreneurship Everywhere: Across Campus, Across Communities, and Across Borders,” Journal of Small Business Management.

Packard, Mark; Bylund, Per L. (2018) “On the Relationship of Inequality and Entrepreneurship,” Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.


Adams, J.; Nishikawa, T.; Rao, Ramesh. (forthcoming) “Mutual Fund Performance, Management Teams, and Boards,” Journal of Banking and Finance.

Eaton, Gregory W.; Chen, Y; Paye, B.S. (2017) “Micro(Structure) Before Macro? The Predictive Power of Aggregate Illiquidity for Stock Returns and Economic Activity,” Journal of Financial Economics.

Eaton, Gregory W.; Paye, Bradley. (2017) “Payout Yields and Stock Return Predictability: How Important Is the Measure of Cash Flow?” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Rao, Ramesh; Orlova, Svetlana; Kang, Tony. (2017) “National Culture and the Valuation of Cash Holdings,” Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting.

Zhang, Jun. (2018) “Informed Options Trading Prior to Dividend Change Announcements,” Financial Management.


Bonner, Julena; Greenbaum, Rebecca; Quade, Matt. (2017) “Unethical Behavior to Shame as an Indicator of Self-Image Threat and Exemplification as a Form of Self-Image Protection: The Exacerbating Role of Supervisor Bottom-Line Mentality,” Journal of Applied Psychology.

Brymer, R.; Chadwick, C.; Hill, Aaron D.; Molloy, J. (forthcoming) “Pipelines and Their Portfolios: A More Holistic View of Human Capital Heterogeneity via Firm-Wide Employee Sourcing,” Academy of Management Perspectives.

Greco, Lindsey M.; O’Boyle, E.H.; Cockburn, B.S.; Yuan, Z. (2017) “Meta Analysis of Coefficient Alpha: A Reliability Generalization Study,” Journal of Management Studies.

Greenbaum, Rebecca; Quade, Matt; Mawritz, M.B. (forthcoming) “If Only My Coworker Was More Ethical: When Ethical and Performance Comparisons Lead to Negative Emotions, Social Undermining and Ostracism,” Journal of Business Ethics.

Haleblian, J.; Pfarrer, M.D.; Kiley, Jason T. (2017) “High-Reputation Firms and Their Differential Acquisition Behaviors,” Strategic Management Journal.

Hill, Aaron D. (2018) “The Signaling Role of Politician Stock Ownership: Effects on Lobbying Intensity,” Journal of Management.

Hill, Aaron D.; Aime, Federico; Ridge, Jason. (2017) “The Performance Implications of Resource and Pay Dispersion: The Case of Major League Baseball,” Strategic Management Journal.

Humphrey, S.E.; Aime, Federico; Cushenbery, L.; Hill, Aaron D.; Fairchild, J. (2017) “Team Conflict Dynamics: Implications of a Dyadic View of Conflict for Team Performance,” Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes.

Mawritz, M. B.; Greenbaum, Rebecca; Butts, M.; Graham, K. A. (2017) “I Just Can’t Control Myself: A Self-Regulation Perspective on the Abuse of Deviant Employees,” Academy of Management Journal.

Mitchell, M.S., Greenbaum, R.L., Vogel, R.M., Mawritz, M.B., Keating, D.J. (conditionally accepted). “Working in a Pressure Cooker: The Effect of Performance Pressure on Employee Self-regulation and Behavior,” Academy of Management Journal.

Parker, Owen N.; Krause, R.; Devers, C. (forthcoming) “How Firm Reputation Shapes Managerial Discretion,” Academy of Management Review.

Porck, J.P.; van Knippenberg, D.;Tarakci, M.; Ates, N.Y.; Broenen, P.J.F.; de Hoas, M.A. (forthcoming) “Do Group and Organizational Identification Help or Hurt Intergroup Strategic Consensus?” Journal of Management.

Quade, Matt; Greenbaum, Rebecca; Petrenko, Oleg. (2017) “‘I Don’t Want to Be Near You, Unless...’: The Interactive Effect of Unethical Behavior and Performance onto Workplace Ostracism,” Personnel Psychology.

Ridge, Jason; Hill, Aaron D.; Aime, Federico. (2017) “Implications of Multiple Concurrent Pay Comparisons for Top Team Turnover,” Journal of Management.

Ridge, J.; Ingram, A.; Hill, Aaron D. (2017) “Beyond Lobbying Expenditures: How Lobbying Breadth and Political Connectedness Affect Firm Outcomes,” Academy of Management Journal.

Smith, M.; Hill, Aaron D.; Wallace, Craig; Recendes, Tessa; Judge, T. (2018) “Upside to Dark and Downside to Bright Personality: A Multidomain Review and Future Research Agenda,” Journal of Management.

Washington, Alexis; Watkins, M.B.; Ladge, J. (2018) “Interviews with 59 Black Female Executives Explore Intersectional Invisibility and Strategies to Overcome It,” Harvard Business Review.

Management Science and Information Systems

Arda, Ozlem A; Delen, Dursun; Tatoglu, Ekrem; Zaim, Selim. (forthcoming) “An Analytic Approach to Assessing Organizational Citizenship Behavior,” Decision Support Systems.

Ashish Gupta, Gary Wilkerson, Ramesh Sharda & M. Colston. (forthcoming) “Who is More Injury-Prone? Prediction and Assessment of Injury Risk,” Decision Sciences.

Havakhor, Taha; Sabherwal, R. (2018) “From Black Boxes to Pipes, Prisms, and Processes: Collaboration in Organizational Online Knowledge Communities,” Journal of Management Information Systems.

Havakhor, Taha; Sabherwal, R.; Steelman, Z.; Sabherwal, S. (forthcoming) “Relationships Between Information Technology and Other Investments: A Contingent Interaction Model,” Information Systems Research.

Piri, Saeed; Delen, Dursun; Liu, Tieming. (forthcoming) “A Synthetic Informative Minority Over-Sampling (Simo) Algorithm Leveraging Support Vector Machine to Enhance Learning from Imbalanced Datasets,” Decision Support Systems.

Piri, Saeed; Delen, Dursun; Zolbanin, Hamed M; Liu, Tieming. (2017) “A Data Analytics Approach to Building a Clinical Decision Support System for Diabetic Retinopathy: Developing and Deploying A Model Ensemble,” Decision Support Systems.

Steelman, Z.; Havakhor, Taha; Sabherwal, R.; Sabherwal, S. (forthcoming) “Performance Consequences of Information Technology Investments: Implications of Emphasizing New or Current Information Technologies,” Information Systems Research.

Marketing and International Business

Arens, Zachary G; Hamilton, Rebecca W. (2017) “The Rebound of the Forgone Alternative,” Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Arens, Zachary G; Hamilton, Rebecca W. (2018) “The Substitution Strategy Dilemma: Substitute Selection Versus Substitute Effectiveness,” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science.

Brady, Michael; Arnold, Todd. (2017) “Organizational Service Strategy,” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science.

Johnson, Kathryn; Liu, Richie L.; Minton, Elizabeth; Bartholomew, Darrell; Peterson, Mark; Cohen, Adam; Kees, Jeremy. (2017) “Citizens’ Representations of God and Support for Sustainable Policies,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Wiener, Josh, Pam Ellen, Scot Burton (2018) “Looking to the Future: The Evolving Marketing and Public Policy Community,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing