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Oklahoma State University

Editorial Boards Service by Spears School Faculty


Audrey Gramling
Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, editorial board member
Current Issues in Auditing, editorial board member
SSRN Behavioral & Experimental Accounting eJournal, editorial board member
Brad Lawson
The International Journal of Accounting, editorial board member
Journal of Information Systems, editorial board member
Teresa Lightner
Issues in Accounting Education, editorial board member
Sandeep Nabar
Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, editorial board member

Economics and Legal Studies

Harounan Kazianga
Economic Working Paper Series, editor
Environment and Development Economics, associate editor
Journal of African Economics, associate editor

Laurie Lucas
American Business Law Journal, editor in chief

Jaebeom Kim
Korea and the World Economy, associate editor
Korean Social Science Journal, associate editor

Dan Rickman
Growth and Change, co-editor in chief
Journal of Regional Science, associate editor


Robert Baron
Management Science, associate editor

Bruce Barringer
The Wall Street Journal Entrepreneurship Weekly Review, co-editor

Bat Batjargal
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, co-editor

Per Bylund
Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, co-associate editor

Matt Rutherford
Journal of Small Business Management, special issue editor

Tom Westbrook
Resonate eMagazine, co-editor


David Carter
FMA Online, associate editor
Journal of Undergraduate Research in Finance, associate editor

Ramesh Rao
Journal of Applied Finance, co-editor

Betty Simkins
Advances in Financial Education, associate editor
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, associate editor
Journal of Financial Education, associate editor
Journal of Commodity Markets, editor
Review of Financial Economics, associate editor
Finance Research Letters, associate editor
British Accounting Review, associate editor
Journal of Banking and Finance, associate editor
International Review of Financial Analysis, associate editor
European Research Studies Journal, associate editor


Federico Aime
Journal of Management, editorial board

Matthew Bowler
Journal of Business and Psychology, editorial board

Bryan Edwards
Africa Journal of Management, editorial board
Journal of Applied Psychology, editorial board
Journal of Business and Psychology, editorial board
Journal of Management, editorial board
Personnel Psychology, editorial board

Tom Stone
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, editorial board
Career Development International, associate editor

Management Science and Information Systems

Ali Amiri
Information Technology and Management Journal, associate editor

David Biros
Journal of Digital Forensics Security and Law, co-editor
Conference on Computer Forensics, Security, and Law, associate editor

Nik Dalal
e-Service Journal, associate editor

Dursun Delen
Journal of Business Analytics, co-editor
International Journal of Decision Sciences & Applications, editor
Journal of Business Research, senior editor
Decision Sciences Journal, Special Issue, editor
Decision Support Systems, senior editor
Decision Analytics, associate editor
International Journal of Experimental Algorithms (IJEA), editor
International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications (IJRFT), associate editor

Jeretta Horn Nord
Journal of Computer Information Systems, executive editor

Ramesh Sharda
ACM Database Preeminent, editor
Decision Sciences Journal, special issue editor
Engaged Management Review, associate editor
Information Systems Frontiers, associate editor & special issue editor

Mark Weiser
Journal of Information Systems Security, associate editor

Marketing and International Business

Tom Brown
Journal of Service Research, special section “Managing Frontlines in Service Organizations", co-editor

Karen Flaherty
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, editor in chief and managing editor

Kevin Voss
European Journal of Marketing, associate editor

Josh Wiener
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, editor & associate editor
Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics, associate editor