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Oklahoma State University
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Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Undergraduate Non-resident Active-duty Military Tuition

These rates apply to undergraduate, non-resident, active-duty military students.

Description Price
Gross tuition and university wide fees per credit hour $802.50
Gross business college fees per credit hour 147.50
Waiver of university fees for students in approved online programs who have only taken online classes (30.70)
Military waiver per credit hour (490.30)
Net cost per credit hour $429.00

All tuition and fee rates are subject to change.

Bursar accounts will be charged the preceding tuition and fees prior to the first week of classes. Waivers and scholarships will be applied to bursar accounts around the third week of the semester. Military waivers will be applied to bursar accounts around the fourth week of the semester. Tuition payments are normally due around the fourth week of the semester. Please see the bursar’s website at for precise information about due dates and payment options.

The fees outlined in the preceding chart assume that students are pure-online students. Pure-online students are students who have been admitted to an online program and have never taken an on-campus class while in that program. These students have some of their university fees waived, and those waivers are included in the preceding table. Students who are not pure-online students will not be eligible for these waivers and will also be responsible for the following fees per credit hour:

Fee Amount
Activity Fee – General $2.50
Facility Fee – General 5.45
Activity Fee – Athletics 5.50
Student Development Fee 2.05
Health Service Fee 5.00
Facility Fee – Campus Recreation 3.00
Transit/Parking Services Fee 2.50
Student Union Renovation Fee 4.70
Total Waived Fees $30.70

Rates for courses taken in other colleges or taken by students from other colleges may vary. In addition, some courses may have additional course-specific fees.


Oklahoma State University and the Spears School of Business have a strong commitment to supporting our active-duty military personnel. Consequently, a military individual enrolled in a Spears School of Business course(s) who shows active-duty status, works for the military full time, and has military orders is eligible for the waivers outlined above. However, reservists who are not on active-duty status may be eligible for Tuition Assistance (TA) through their reserve unit. For more information on TA benefits, contact the OSU Registrar’s office at (405) 744-6876. (Civilians employed with the U.S. military, veterans, and family members are not eligible for the active-duty military waiver.)

In order for active-duty military personnel to receive a waiver to their Bursar account, the Online Learning office must receive verification of active-duty military status (military orders) before or within the current semester. Military waivers will be applied to bursar accounts around the fourth week of the semester.

Drops and Refunds

If a student drops the course by the 100% refund deadline date, the student will not be responsible for the net student cost per credit hour. If the course is dropped after the 100% refund date but before the 50% refund date, the student is responsible for 50% of the net student cost per credit hour. If a student withdraws any time after the refund deadlines, the student is responsible for payment of the net student cost per credit hour. Refer to the Registrar’s website at for add/drop deadlines. Short courses do not have the same deadlines as normal, semester-long courses. For these courses, please refer to the Short Courses Class Schedule on the registrar’s website for accurate deadlines.