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Summer Break in San Diego

San Diego skyline photo

Experience sports business in beautiful San Diego, California! San Diego is home to MLB (Padres), NCAA athletics (San Diego State Aztecs), and a major USA Olympic training facility. It also hosts sporting events including international surfing competitions, NCAA bowl games, and PGA golf championships. This course examines the effect of professional and amateur sports on the greater San Diego community and analyzes the impact of each team, organization, and event. Instruction will occur through lecture and visits to sports institutions. You will also experience behind-the-scenes tours and conduct discussions with various sports professionals.


MGMT 3943
Sports Management: Sports Business San Diego

MGMT 4650
Leadership Issues: Sports Business San Diego

Travel Dates:

May 24-29, 2020

Meeting Dates:



Karen Flaherty

Bryan Finch Ph.D., Department of Management


$2,000 + Airfare

Fee includes tuition for three credit hours, lodging in San Diego, as well as tickets to various sporting events, daily breakfast, and transportation in San Diego. It is your responsibility to purchase your own ticket. Airfare is estimated at $500. Program fee will be charged to your bursar account as scheduled above.

Payment Schedule:

Date Amount Description
----- $200 To be charged upon application acceptance (non-refundable)
March 8, 2020 $671.70 Program Fee
May 9, 2020 $1,128.30 Tuition Fee


*A $200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be charged to your bursar once application has been submitted. This amount is included in the total price of the trip, however, if you choose to not attend the trip for any reason the $200 deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

*NOTE: If the program fee charge date above has passed when applying and submitting the application, all charges (deposit, fees and tuition) will be applied to your bursar and will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

*If you withdraw through the Department of Management (449 Business Building or after the program fee and program tuition charge date(s), listed above, has passed this WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

To Apply:

Please check with your academic advisor before applying to any of our domestic outreach courses.

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To Drop:

Drop by our office at 449 Business Building.

More Info:

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