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Oklahoma State University
Department of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Nonprofit Management

The nonprofit sector plays an important part in our society and in our economy; providing services and experiences for citizens that are unmet by government or the private sector, or can be delivered in a different way. Many students volunteer in the nonprofit sector, and will continue to do so after graduation. As the sector matures, expectations of professionalism and business knowledge have increased. Students in the nonprofit management program will gain skills and knowledge about the nonprofit sector and organizations that will prepare them to enter the sector as professionals or board members at a critical time—as the Baby Boomer generation that has been leading in this sector retires. Topics include differences between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors in regards to generating revenue, managing a blended workforce of paid staff and volunteers, public image, accountability, and measures of success.

Check out the degree sheet for Nonprofit Management.

Please contact Dr. Julie Bubolz Tikalsky if you have any questions!