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Oklahoma State University
Department of Management

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

General Business

Why general business?

Innumerable opportunities await you if you choose to major in general business in the Spears School of Business at OSU. This flexible major will provide you with a broad education in all business areas, while giving you the opportunity to receive multiple minors. If you have a specific, nontraditional business career in mind or plan to open a small business, a general business degree will enhance your chances for success as an entrepreneur because you can design a plan of study to meet your goals. If you plan to enter a profession such as law or medicine, this major will give you the study habits and business skills necessary for your post-graduate education and career.

As a general business major, you will complete 120 hours of coursework. In addition to undergraduate coursework in subjects such as accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems and marketing, you will have the opportunity to take 15 hours of upper division business courses.

General business career areas

The career possibilities are endless with a degree in general business. Some of the job titles of Spears School general business graduates include:

  • Account representative
  • Business owner
  • Benefits manager
  • Branch manager
  • Operations manager
  • Credit analyst
  • Entertainment agent
  • Employment counselor
  • Hotel manager
  • Bank manager
  • Job analyst
  • Sales manager
  • Payroll officer
  • Personnel recruiter
  • Quality control officer
  • Sports marketer
  • Lawyer
  • Distribution manager