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Oklahoma State University
Marketing and communications

Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications
201-L Business Building
Spears School of Business
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078-4011 USA

Phone: 405-744-2703


Marketing and Communications group photo
Terry Tush

Terry Tush, Director


Phone: 405-744-2703

Terry manages the Marketing and Communications Department. His areas of focus include planning, media relations, branding, positioning, advertising and promotions of Spears Business.

Blake Brasor

Blake Brasor, Graphic Designer


Phone: 405-744-5204

Blake creates, designs, drafts and prepares publications/communications for Spears Business and its various entities, including the OSU Center for Executive and Professional Development (CEPD).

Dollie Elliott

Dollie Elliott, Senior Communications Specialist


Phone: 405-744-4970

Dollie oversees online communications while also assisting with producing written content (news stories, press releases, etc.). She manages Spears Business newsletters and social media content and is responsible for branded gear and gifts.

Jordan Pfeiffer

Jordan Pfeiffer, Multimedia Producer


Phone: 405-744-7042

Jordan supports the Spears Business and OSU initiative through creatively and professionally shooting and producing video content (and photographs) to effectively communicate the school’s mission.

Brandy Polo

Brandy Polo, External Relations Officer


Phone: 405-385-5179

Brandy manages alumni engagement opportunities for Spears Business, including the Spears School Mentoring Program, The Associates, CEO Day, Spears School Hall of Fame, and various other events and volunteer programs.

Cody Wehr

Cody Wehr, Communications Specialist


Phone: 405-744-6410

Cody serves as the main contact for the Spears Business website in which as web developer/computer support specialist he works closely with staff to determine a consistent look and feel for the school’s website.

Ariel West

Ariel West, Communications Specialist


Phone: 405-744-2700

Ariel communicates the Spears Business message through the written word, including news stories, press releases, feature stories and research-related stories, and she also is responsible for communications relating to the School of Entrepreneurship/Riata Center of Entrepreneurship.